Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random January stuff

She finally let me trim her neck fluff



Back to school

I finally have these down to a science

Hey there

Two ingredient cookies

Friday, January 24, 2014

Downtown with Leslie

Last weekend, my mom and I went down to Philly to visit Leslie and we brought our friend Eileen with us.  It was a cold out, but not one-foot-of-snow-polar-vortex-cold.  Such a fun day: Eileen got a tour of the famous apartment, lunch at Marathon, a walk through center city, and (of course) some shopping:

That balcony used to be closed ...

Um, so I think the contents of my entire closet are these colors ...

Love the waves and the Greek key tiles.

huh, so apparently my lens is filthy?

Currently the lobby of the Ritz Carlton, formally Girard Bank. My mom got her first job here when she was 17--I'm pretty sure she translated French banking documents that came over the new "facsimile" machine in her department.  (Mom is thinking, "None of what you just said is correct.")

There's a really gorgeous bar in the lobby now.

I had never been in West Elm before--how cool is this coffee table? Leslie needs it.

A little sorry I didn't buy this ... holding out for a cheaper version at Home Goods ...

I assumed these were fake until I went up and touched them.

I think I want this coffee table ...

 ... although the other one is pretty cool ...
DiBruno Brothers at 17th and Chestnut ... reminded me a lot of Zabar's from You've Got Mail.  It's better that Ron wasn't there--his excitement might've killed him.

A haze of cheese.  Who doesn't want to get stuck in a haze of cheese?

The most gorgeous ballet pink, frilly leather jacket at Anthro ... talk about excitement nearly killing someone. And then I flipped over the price tag and I really did die a little.  omigod, so gorgeous.

Leslie, I'm coming back down there and we're going to Verde.  But maybe when the Polar Vortex is over?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Small miracle

Just when I thought everything had officially died for the year, she came back:

I almost lost you to mealy bugs--glad to see you're back.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


What do you want from me?

It's January.

Nothing is happening right now.

Ok, yeah, I'm creating all kinds of syllabi for classes I'm dreading.  But other than that?  Nothing.

See ya later.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Longwood Christmas

I didn't have a chance to see Longwood's Christmas display until the day after New Year's day.  As you can imagine the place was pretty deserted, and since I went earlier in the day I never actually saw the lights outside.  It's ok--if I can, I'll make back at night sometime this coming week.  Looking over these shots, however, I realize most of them have nothing to do with Christmas.

My mom's favorite outdoor tree is the one decorated with fancy edible garlands for the birds.

My favorite scene ... even with plastic tarps. 

Because it was so cold outside, I had a lot of issues with camera fog when moving from outdoor to indoor temperatures.

Mr. B wasn't happy because he was stuck inside the DuPont House and was waiting for someone to let him out.

It took FORTY FIVE minutes for my camera fog to disappear when I made it to the Conservatory. A little frustrating, but I tried to use it to my advantage.

Those giant palms are the best.

huh--no idea what happened here. But I like it.

After the fog disappeared, I totally forgot to come back and get this shot on my good camera ...

I only have this one from my iPhone.
Apparently, it was a HUGE novelty to send and receive grapes and other fruit in December back in the 1920s.

Pretty sure this entire letter is a run-on sentence?

Looks like something from Martha's blog (if I may be so bold?)--this might be my favorite shot from the whole day.

What's better than an airplant?  A big sphere of airplants with sparkly, iridescent bubble ornaments and twinkle lights.

I really want to make one of these with succulents. (Penny inevitably would stick her face in a bowl of cacti and I really just can't handle it right now.)

In the silver room

Marble bench in the conservatory

I think half the clothes in my closet are these colors.  The other day, I actually forced myself NOT to buy a cardigan in the beigey-rose color in the bottom right corner.  The insanity has to stop.

Apple espalier in the Idea Garden--can't wait for its rosy pink flowers in April.
Waiting for its giant agave plant to be returned in warmer weather ...

At the front entrance