Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Picking out a Christmas tree, or the many faces of Lillian

I should've listened more closely to the pool ladies back in August when they prophesied on Thanksgiving, specifically how late the holiday fell on this year's calendar.  Jane went on several times about how LAAAAAATE it fell in No-VEM-ber and how it was all wrong and blah blah blah and she won't get to "FLOOR-i-da til DECEMBER" and "Have you ever HEARD of such a thing?"  And all the other ladies would nod their heads vigorously in agreement while I thought to myself: "Dude, I cannot even CONTEMPLATE school starting in two weeks ... can we talk about something other than Thanksgiving?"  November 28th IS really late for Thanksgiving, and we just didn't have it in us to get our tree on the 29th or 30th.  Thank God we didn't have to juggle getting to FLOOR-i-da on top of it.  (Although, I really hope Jane is there by now given how awful the weather has been.  Last time I walked by, the car-moving company from Duh-TROYT had yet to pick up her car for her six months down south.)

We headed out on Sunday with Steph, Jeff, Lillian and Utley to see if there was a tree worth Ron's second-glance.  Picking out the tree is, like, the ONE thing that Ron gets to choose for inside the house all year and he takes his task seriously.  (And for all you people who think I'm such a mean wife, our TV would still be on a thirteen year old Wawa crate and our asses on the floor watching it if I didn't take charge of that stuff. So if I'm gonna do all the work, then guess what? I get to pick what it looks like.)

Sorry, bud, but I don't think anyone's gonna be picking you.

Laurie--anything I can do to delineate between the top of Jeff's head and the sky? No, really: Anything I can do for blown out spots?

Does that kill you or what?  I should've told Jeff to keep his hat on.  Also, do you see why I bring a step stool with me to official photo shoots?  I could really use it here.

Oh, Utley. You were good boy at the tree farm.

Utley FINALLY LOOKS AT ME ... and I lose Lil.

Ron finally found a tree that met his borderline-unreasonable-standards.


y'know, Lil, I wasn't impressed either.

They had this gorgeous and enormous mural inside the shed where you pay.  Honestly, I wanted to ask who did it so I could hire them for myself.

The whole family room has to get torn apart at the seams to get the tree in ... Pearl's a big fan.  Truly, no one is sadder than her when it comes down in January.

Of course, she hates nothing more than sharing ANYTHING with Penny ...

Lights and decorations will have to wait for this weekend.  Ron's been marathoning from one work crisis to the next, complete with 5am Saturday phone calls and nonstop pages and emails.  It really reached a new level of ridiculousness last week.  I have 13 blue books upstairs that all need to be read tomorrow.  (Technically, tomorrow is today already. Great.)  So nothin doin on tree matters til the weekend ...

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Laurie said...

Hmm. Blown highlights are tough - even with post processing. I usually just underexpose a bit to preserve the highlights and then brighten a bit in post processing if I can. Depending on the weather and patience of the kids/dogs(!) you could also change their positioning. If the sun is in their face (as opposed to behind them), you may create shadows on their face (unless you can find open shade), but you can preserve the blue/gray sky and prevent blowing out the sky. It's a tough call which would be best. Most of the time, I don't mind a blown out sky especially when I want people to focus on the subjects. Either way, I think they are great pictures! I love the family shots... even when Utley is not looking :)