Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas photo 2013: The outtakes

It's everyone's favorite post of the year: Ron and I make asses of ourselves as we try to get a photo with the Fluffs.

My mom had this really good idea to do a dress rehearsal first.  Before we grabbed the Fluffs, we figured out exactly how we wanted to set up the shot.  I didn't bother wasting any smiles on these--I knew I had a hard road ahead of me. Best to save my energy ...

Ready? Here we go:

Ron took a turn on the awkward little stool and we pretended to each hold a Fluff.  Can you tell I spent most of my childhood on the floor? A little too comfortable there.

Why don't I stand up?

What if we switch sides?

Ok. Ready for the Fluffs?  Let's see if they'll cooperate ...

"* oomph * Penny, come on.  Pearl's being good!"

"Hang on, I'll get Penny ..."

"Has anyone seen Penny?!"

Think we got one? You'll have to wait for your Christmas card (or Christmas Day here on the blog) to see ...

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