Monday, November 18, 2013

Shannon's baby blanket

I knocked this out pretty quickly for a shower at school tomorrow--these blankets only take a week or two if you really put your mind to it.

Shannon's having a girl and I heard that the nursery is "pink and mint green"--I didn't feel confident picking out a green yarn that would really work, so I just stuck with pink and white.

A part of me thinks I should have done the border in white rather than pink.  It's really bothering me.

I wanted to get a book and a kitty outfit (especially because Shannon's a crazy cat lady like me) to go with this, but I totally ran out of time.
It should also be noted that Penny was absolutely NO HELP in the making of this blanket.

She slept in here for nearly a day.  Don't worry: The blanket has since been washed.  Thanks Penny!

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