Saturday, November 2, 2013

More babies in ponchos

Remember Abigail?

After some technical difficulties with the original poncho I made for her (ie., the foundation chain that forms the neck was too tight to fit over her head--my fault, not Abigail's!), Abigail finally has a poncho that fits:

Yay!  Also, glad to see a kitty in the corner--I purposely didn't crop her (him?) out.

Clearly, the person who took this photo is close to 7 feet tall ... *ahem* KANE!

Yay Abigail!  I hope you enjoy it!  Sorry you had to wait for me to work up a second one--I'm going to be really careful about that foundation chain from now on (especially because I have at least three ponchos due between now and tax day ...)

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