Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Midnight tree

The other night, I came home from my mom's house around 12:30am and noticed that a lamp post in my neighborhood perfectly illuminated a tree in front of it.  I drove around the corner to my house to grab my camera and tripod and then went back to see what I could get.

With my headlights just to give a sense of how dark it was: f/6.3 and 5 sec

I cropped this but otherwise didn't edit anything here: f/8 and 30 sec

Cropped but no other editing; this one is closest to my own eye's view--f/13 and 30 sec.  I was in aperture priority for all of these.  Why didn't I think to go fully manual to see how far I could stretch that shutter?  Apparently, 30 sec is the longest shutter you'll get when you're using aperture priority.

f/13 and 30 sec with editing; I'm really surprised that I actually picked up some stars

f/4 and 25 sec; no editing--huge difference between f/4 and f/13


Linda C said...

Looks like the burning bush from the Ten Commandments!

Jo Harper said...

Those are the WORST special effects EVER! (It's also sad how much I reference that movie in class. Only the students who are 40+ have any idea what I'm talking about.)