Monday, November 25, 2013

Life between weekdays

This technically belongs to Leslie, but it's doing really well in my front window.

Yes, it's true: You can find those big wood circles (used here as chargers) at Michael's.  I saw in the November Better Homes and Gardens that you can buy an inexpensive wood burning tool and monogram them yourself.

Whenever I see Norfolk pines I always want to buy one, but I don't have enough windows right now. I'm starting to panic about what I'm going to do when the Christmas tree takes over the ENTIRE window in the family room in two weeks.  I'll have three big plants and three little plants in need of temporary new homes and there's hardly any room upstairs.

Succulent topiary! Very California.

Potato leek soup

Momma came over for it

Saw this in the Longwood parking lot--I love how monochrome the entire shot is.  That was an accident.  How great is all this grey-blue though? Wish I could wear it.

It's really cute, isn't it??  Vintage trucks always remind me of the old, old, old black and white episodes of Lassie. I thought that show was terrifying growing up, but I always though Timmy's dad's truck was cool--something about the headlights.

If I could boycott against standard time and the earth's 23.4 degree axial tilt, I would.  So far, no luck.

Grown up kitty (panther!) clothes

I saw this truck parked at a strip mall (WHAT is my thing with trucks right now??).  I LOVE it.  I'm guessing the dogs belong to the driver.

Not sure what I love most: spotted fawny? the birch tree? grown up deery? foxy? racoony?

Squirrely?? Birdy?? If you pick a birdy, which birdy?? They're all pretty!

Had bangs chopped in two weeks ago--no regrets yet.

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