Thursday, November 14, 2013

I love cheap stuff

One of the schools where I work always has books for sale in the library.

(Mom! I just had THE BEST IDEA EVER!)

(For the rest of you: My mom has a ton of books to unload and Salvation Army literally (LITERALLY!) yelled at her for trying to donate them.  Isn't that nice of them?  See where I'm going with this?)


One of the schools where I work always has books for sale in the library.  On my way to and from class (in the most 18th century classroom EVER in the basement--THE BASEMENT--of said library ... it's literally a dungeon), I try to see what's for sale even though the offerings don't change very often.  Last Friday, this guy caught my eye for some reason:

I grabbed it and brought it with me to class since I had to proctor an exam anyway and had nothing else to do.

I just love it--everything is categorized so neatly and organized so beautifully.  My slightly sick Virgo-self gets a thrill from that.  (It also helps that I like trees, I guess.)  Plus, I often find myself wondering, "What kind of tree is that?" and when Ron's around he can usually tell me (he earned a merit badge for memorizing trees twenty years ago), but often he's not around at all.

Maybe this plus my photographic memory will help me out here?

The illustrations are so pretty--they would make great wall art.  Somebody DREW and PAINTED these.  How do you do that?  Black oak acorns (aka "the green ones") have always been my favorite. If you bring them inside, however, they eventually turn brown.

You know the Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach?  Remember I was compelled to take a picture of it in California? Sure you do! Anyway, that kind of cypress only exists around the Monterey Bay--no where else! I don't know why I think that's so cool, but I do.

Did you know the Rose family of plants includes apple, plum, and cherry trees? I didn't.  Isn't your life a little more complete now that you know that?

Anyway I stopped by the front desk to pay for it after class and it was only 50 cents.  God, I love when stuff I love is cheap.  I've been obsessively flipping through it minutes at time this week, but I still haven't figured out what kind of maples are planted along the entire stretch of road in my neighborhood. (Sadly, all of those bright fire red leaves are gone for another year.)  I'm sure it'll be a good thing to spend an hour of my life figuring that out.

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Linda C said...

Ha! You sound like Nancy Drew... in a dungeon-like basement at the local library, I was attempting to discover the mystery of the oak tree. And, who doesn't love trees? They are magnificent.