Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween night

Yesterday was a beautifully grey Halloween day.  The maple trees in my neighborhood have finally turned shocking orange-red ... of course it's hard to see them through my windows with their busted seals. 

They're far more impressive when you don't look through my windows.

See the wasp nest?

Everhart Park

People think bright, sunny days are the best days for pictures--nope.  Sunlight just washes out color.  An overcast sky saturates color on the ground.

I always go over to my mom's house on Halloween.

Leslie does the art.

Hey there

And for the fun of it, Eileen's Mae ...

... and Ellie (L) and Anna.  Elephants were popular this year!

And I have to show you this beauty from Cristin and Sean's Halloween party last weekend.

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