Monday, November 18, 2013

Books for Shannon

It turns out that I DID have time to go pick up a kitty book or two for Shannon--I had originally intended to go with "When You Give a Cat a Cupcake," but then I arrived at the store and found "Bits & Pieces," a new title by the Skippy Jon Jones author (who, btw, is a local author from Swarthmore).  Let me tell you how I NEVER buy anything (NOT ANYTHING!) full price and God forbid I don't have a million coupons in my hand at the register ... I'm a total sucker because I bought both titles at Barnes & Noble even though the only coupon I had expired yesterday.  I couldn't help it.  What a sucker.

Penny, seriously. As if you haven't wreaked enough havoc on this present.

I have my own copy of "Cupcake" ... I really want "Bits & Pieces."

It's just not right to give a blanket without a book!  I think Shannon and her daughter will like them ; )

btw, the lady at the register told me that if I get another coupon in the next 14 days, I can bring that new coupon and my receipt in and they will retroactively apply the coupon. So that's cool--now I just have to remember to do that ...

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