Friday, October 18, 2013

The couch is here!

Well, not my couch ... but Leslie's couch!  The original couch she ordered didn't make it past the first landing when the delivery guys showed up a few days after she signed the lease.  Understandably, she was pretty upset about that.  During the weekend of the big move, I found myself driving Leslie to the Macy's furniture store in Wilmington at 8:30 at night so she could impulse buy a different couch she found online.  On this excursion, we both looked like we had been run over by trucks: hair in sloppy ponytails with workout clothes and sneakers on our feet as we raced around the totally empty store to see the couch in person.  (In a hilarious turn of events, the only salesperson on the floor told us she wasn't allowed to sell furniture to minors under the age of 18 ... she wasn't joking.  Apparently, Leslie and I looked like kids on this particular night ... I guess it's not a bad thing if looking like a slob in public means looking like a twelve year old too?)

In less than twenty minutes, Leslie swiped her credit card, it did NOT burst into flames (as I had predicted ... do you remember how much YOU had to buy the weeks leading up to your first place??), and then we were on the road again ... to Target. At 9:30 at night.  After packing all day.  We seriously wanted to kill ourselves.  To make up for it, Leslie bought a single pack of pretzel M&Ms and alternated feeding them to herself and to me as I drove us home (to do some more packing).

Anyway, the couch (which was on backorder) arrived this week ... and it fit up the four flights of stairs!

Leslie wanted creamy white leather (I know: all of my friends with kids are cringing), but the dove grey was the closest thing available.  Personally, I think I like this shade better.  And I LOVE the tufting!  Chesterfield sofas are my fave--this is a modern version.  Looks like my kid sister knows how to buy a couch!

Of course, she had to try it out for a minute ... and then run right back to work.

Here's everything in its new place!  Yay Leslie!

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