Monday, October 28, 2013

Sequined crochet wristers

A few years ago, I printed out this free pattern for fingerless gloves.  At the end of this summer, I decided to give them a try with some yarn I had bought during one of my first post-op excursions this summer.

The yarn on the left is Paton's Lace Sequin in amber; on the right, Vanna's Glamor by Lion Brand in topaz

The pattern calls for yarn with a weight of "2" which is very fine.  Each of these on its own seemed too fine to make a final product that was remotely warm, so I combined them and pulled from both skeins at the same time while working.

I also made one alteration to the pattern.  The pattern couldn't be easier--you make a rectangle entirely of half-double crochet stitches (you just go back and forth and back and forth until the rectangle is about 6-7 inches depending on your wrist).  I chose to work each row of new stitches in the back of the previous row's stitches.  The final result yielded a striped pattern which the original pattern wouldn't necessarily give you:

See the ridginess of the rows? That's from working in the back of the stitch.

After your rectangle is done, you fold it in half lengthwise (that's a hotdog fold, not a hamburger) and sew it shut with your yarn leaving one inch undone (so you have room for your thumb).  These work up really fast--I think I finished an entire set (crochet, sewing and all) while watching Hitchcock's The Birds on TV one night. (God, I love that movie--one day, I WILL be Tippi Hedren for Halloween ... it's just really hard to find a green boucle suit that I'm willing to ruin for the sake of a costume though ...)

I managed to make two sets with the yarn I had, and I still had some of the sequined yarn leftover.  I bought more of Vanna's glittered yarn and I might be able to squeeze out one more beige set before I move on to the dark turquoise yarn I have upstairs.

I'm keeping one beige set for myself, and I've been wearing them a lot this past week since the weather has really turned.  I didn't think they would be super warm (my finger tips routinely go numb when the temperature drops below 60), but they're surprisingly very warm. Apparently, it makes a big difference to your fingertips if the cold air can't sneak up the sleeves of your coat.

I know people are going to ask about my nail color: It's L'Oreal's Downtown Chic.

I can't keep six sets of these all for myself.  I guess I'll be giving some away in the coming weeks ...

(Let me know if you're interested!)


Linda C said...

Is this your first blog give away? I want a pair :)

Jo Harper said...

Well, blog giveaway or not you'll get a pair!

Jess said...

Gorgeous! I'm always in awe of your craftiness.