Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October's over?? How is that possible?

Two weeks ago, Ron had a random Monday off (before embarking on nearly three weeks of working nights) and I somehow persuaded him to come to Longwood with me.  October had been pretty warm up until that point, so it felt like fall but not really:

The fountains had been turned off, but not drained.

I think I really like them this way.

We love running into one of the many cats who roam around ... even if it's in front of the compost bin.

Color ...

B&W ... I think I like color better.
Molly--that tree "that grows up the side of your house"? It's an espalier ("ess-spah-YAY").  It's a method of growing trees (usually) to produce the most amount of fruit possible.  There were a ton of apples here--two weeks later, all of them had been harvested.

This Monday, I went back to Longwood with my mom.  Autumn comes and goes so fast--so much had already changed:

Love how everything is green up front and orange way in the background.

Mums are easily among my least favorite flower, but architecturally I guess they can be interesting.

Bleh--annoyed that this blurred.

Ugh--this blurred too.  I like colors on the top and bottom of the petals, though.

I look for this olive to return to its spot at the center of the Idea Garden every spring--I'm a little surprised they haven't put it away yet.  I can't imagine how old this is--olives grow so slowly.

I'm hoping all the color sticks around for a shoot I'm doing this weekend--I don't think it's supposed to be very windy between now and Sunday.

I can't decide which goes faster: Seeing everything wake up for summer or fall back asleep for winter?


Laurie said...

My favorite is the one of the lake with all the colors reflected in it!

Jo Harper said...

That's my favorite too!