Monday, October 14, 2013

Life between weekdays

Leslie threw a birthday party for one of her best friends on Friday--a success.

The rain held off so that everyone could hang out on the deck.

Please note the birthday girl's kitty t-shirt.
Mom and I stopped at Terrain on Saturday--she loves these wood circles.  (I know they're boards, but really they're circles.) They come in all sizes and you can use them for a lot of tabletop stuff, but of course their prices are OUTRAGEOUS.  Just to spite them, I will ask Ron to figure out how to make them for $5 or less.

I love the gourd garland year after year.

My foot really couldn't be better--it's remarkably healed (no pun intended?).  But, I would REALLY love to wear something like this ... just for a little bit.  But I didn't even bother trying them on.  $9!!!

Gorgeous "leather" detail dress at Chantilly Blue--I think it's BB Dakota?

And to summarize our home life in a nutshell: Ron's working bizarre hours to accommodate his busiest time of year, I spend too much time driving to physical therapy and running other errands, and the Fluffs have compensated for this by over-sleeping too much (Pearl) and getting really bonkers at strange times of day (Penny).  I took all three of these in less than 10 seconds yesterday--really, this is our life:

Pearl had been SOUND asleep ...

Seriously, she's the most UNGRATEFUL child EVER.  Ron did not wake up during any of this.

I also worked on family Christmas photos with Erin and Tom and the twins yesterday--we'll see if any turn out.  I'm willing to bet there's at least one.  Anna wasn't having any of it, and Tom made the final call with a definitive, "We're done" long before we thought we would be done.  We may have to schedule a re-do, or not!  I need to go through all of those tonight ...

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