Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jesse gets surprised

Jesse turned thirty back in June, but her birthday nearly crossed over with her first baby's due date so her husband postponed his party plans until September.  Jake gave her a spa day in the meantime, but he kept the rest of his plans quiet.  About a month ago on the day of the party, Jesse skipped out of the house to go shopping with her mom and Jake stayed home with the baby and to set up for the party.

In what has become a reliably constant theme for me, I botched the surprise shot.  For some bizarre reason, my flash (which has always been really reliable) went WAY overboard doing its job (I still don't know why, but didn't fix it in time) and pretty much ruined everything. Oh well.

You can tell Jake is tall ... Jesse is looking at least three feet above my head to where he's standing behind me.  Can you believe my damn flash? I mean, seriously?

When Claire wasn't napping, she was passed around and around and around ...

I think most of these photos hung in Jesse's childhood bedroom.  See?  Good stuff never gets old.

Everyone loves Bandit. Everyone.

Jake ordered his and Jesse's wedding cake as the birthday cake.

And thus begins the delicate ballet that is Jesse cutting the cake and her mother giving orders as she does so ... why do I have so many pictures of them cutting cakes together?

Also, love the smartness of these little girls: Where's the best place to be at any party? Near the cake. Duh.

Finally got to see Claire's room--the wainscoting is wallpaper.  I know, RIGHT???

Everyone had headed outside at this point.

omg, I want an outdoor fireplace.  And a pool.

"I should've known something was up when my husband said, 'Hey, why don't you go shopping with your mom and I'll watch the baby?'"

Happy birthday, Jess. It's been a good year so far, hasn't it?  Best wishes to you ; )  Love, Me

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