Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A new use for dessert dishes

After cleaning out, packing, moving, and unpacking all of Leslie's stuff the other week, I've been going around my own house and trying to decide between the things I really want and the things that I really like but don't need.  One thing taking over my kitchen and basement is all matter of serving pieces, china, and random dishes.  I love all of this stuff, but I can't keep it all and I don't entertain enough to justify its existence in my house.

A few years ago, my mother-in-law passed along these footed dishes to me--I was happy to take them ... but then I never got around to using them.  Plus, I was constantly worried about breaking them because they're so delicate.  I set them aside for Leslie, but she didn't have a place to store them after she moved in. I didn't feel right packing them up and donating them, so I made something of them and gave them to my friends:

I potted them up with succulents from Home Depot and colored gravel from Michael's.  (I should mention that the apricot glass is a gorgeous handmade piece from my friend, Annie, who has a BFA from Temple in glassblowing.  It's too pretty to be sitting in my basement, so now it'll hang out at Julie's house.  I have these glasses all over my house, including on my bureau for my lipstick and makeup brushes.)

The tags are from last year's Christmas cards. I saved ten of the prettiest ones and used a tag-shaped puncher to cut out parts of the images.  Eileen's turquoise and gold stars (far left) were saved; Erin will recognize the fall scene (second from left) and blue and white berries (far right) from her card; Laurie will recognize her bokeh background image (center); and Joan will know the color streaked sky and leafless trees (second from right).  (You can see more bokeh here.)

These were so easy to do: Water all of the plants and let them rest a few minutes before you get started.  Pop them out of their plastic containers, plop them in their new containers, and fill in around them with gravel.  Put them in bright sun and give them a little water once a week.

I hope they do ok--I'm assuming this kind of set up will contribute to their survival rate?  And if they don't do ok, my friends scored a free dessert dish they can use for something else.  Cristin and Tiff--I have yours at my house  : )

(Also, "desserts" backward is "stressed."  That doesn't make ANY sense at all, does it.)

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Anonymous said...

Those are too cute! Thank you! Hope to see you soon!