Wednesday, September 25, 2013

West Chester garden tour

At the beginning of September, my mom and I bought tickets for this year's garden tour in West Chester.  Even though last year's tour felt like a major strike out (no offense, anybody! but yeah ... just being honest), we gave it a go this year and were pretty amazed by this year's tour.  (Plus, all the proceeds go to help local seniors, so why not?) Herewith, some of the hidden backyards of West Chester:

A local artist is stationed at each house to capture some aspect of that particular property.

Recognize this from the previous watercolor?

Love those turquoise glass panels

This backyard was one of our favorites--how amazing is this fire pit?  The entire patio was to die for.

The sun was so bright this day that it was hard to get a decent exposure on anything.

We spotted this guy in the window--his house was on the tour too.

This is the same house--apparently the orange and the Siamese have a "tough time understanding each other."  Not surprising.  I feel like this guy and Pearl would strike up a nice report with each other.

After sorting through these, I guess I didn't take too many pictures of backyards per se.  Landscape photography just isn't my thing, so it looks like I zeroed in on my favorite details of each place.  This year really made up for last year.  I drive and walk through this neighborhood nearly everyday, and it was such a privilege to walk through everyone's yards and to see what's hidden from view everyday.  It only confirmed what I've been thinking for fifteen years: Yup, this is one of the prettiest neighborhoods I've ever seen.

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