Friday, September 13, 2013

This week

I didn't mean for entire week to go by without checking in--I was literally on the run the whole week, and I have a prematurely empty gas tank to prove it.  I also have an extreme backlog of pictures on my other camera.  Ugh, I need to sort through, delete delete delete, edit edit edit, post post post.

Long story ... this guy needs his own post.  Any locals thinking, "I KNOW I've seen that before ..." Laurie?

Horrendous phone picture of the "campfire delight" dessert at Sovana last Friday: toasted coconut marshmallow on a fudgy graham cracker, bruleed bananas, and caramel ice cream.  Sooooo great.

Ok, another horrendous cell phone picture (what's with all this sloppiness?): You want to hear Ron roar with F-bombs? Ask him to poach you an egg.  They'll turn out perfect, but I think it must be the F-bombs that do the trick.

Had a meeting with a prof at my alma mater.  Did I really do an hour long train ride 3-5 times a week for five freakin years?

Someone bought a new bike for the school year.

After thinking about it for four months, Reese decides, "Yes, I DO like it.  Thumbs up!"

So freakin hot this week.  Seriously: unnecessary.

My sister sent me these old pictures of myself.  Yeah ... this girl later wrote a dissertation on feminist ethics.  Huh.  And, like, seriously: Why can't I get my hair TO DO THAT anymore? Yes, I'm a fem fem--if that's meaningless to you, don't worry about it.  One of my profs once described me to another colleague as, "She's very fem and Catholic." I nearly died laughing.  Can we say "nutshell"???

Omigod. Can I tell you how IN LOVE I was with that blue leotard?  Especially the polka-dotted tulle on the shoulders.  You know ... I have a modern version of it upstairs.  I wore it for graduation

The cats got haircuts again two weeks ago.  Here, Pearl is pissed because I won't give her more treats and Penny is freaking out because I won't let her outside (in the complete pitch dark).

It was my size at Greene Street ... but I didn't try it on.

Here it is: Before (L) and After.  How crazy is that?

So, it's official: I'm allowed to start running again!  There are a bunch of restrictions--for example, my physical therapist wants me to start on a track, and naturally I can't just do several miles out of the starting gate.  My surgeon was thrilled when he slapped the films up on the light board yesterday.  He literally bellowed, "WOW!! LOOK AT THAT!!! THOSE BONES LOOK GORGEOUS!! " and then he paused and turned to look at me: "Oh wait: you're only THIRTY!!!! Can you tell I'm used to working on people who are sixty and up??  Wow, you're so lucky you're young.  LOOK AT THEM!!"

A lot of bone was removed from various spots, but the untrained eye can hardly tell.  Obviously, there's a large chunk missing from my first metatarsal, but if you look carefully you can see that it AND my big toe are shorter now--bone was removed to straighten everything out.  And you can also see that the same metatarsal sits squarely under my toe--the joint is lined up properly (that's what the pins were for).  I wish I had a picture of the x-ray with the pins. You wouldn't believe those pins.

So that's it!  The worst is definitely over.  The only annoying part left is the constant puffiness that will probably stick around for the next few months.  At least for now I can wear sandals ... none of my winter shoes fit yet, but everyone tells me they will relatively soon.

Cristin, tell your Ship friends: totally worth it. Totally, totally worth it.

Ok, so let me go through all the pictures on my other camera, and then I'll get back to you.


Linda C said...

You loved that ironing board. You spent hours ironing everything and anything. Girly girl doesn't begin to describe your love of all things sweet and pretty.

LJC said...

Baby Reese is the cutest.

I think it's the first time on this blog you've called the fluffs/grrs just "cats"