Monday, September 2, 2013

Summertime hit parade, or "Life before the down-swing"

Well, that's it for another nine months.  Even with all of my podiatric nonsense this summer, I think it was still a good one.  Herewith, the summer in nutshell--worth reliving, I think.

Marshall, the last of the late spring babies, meets up with me at Longwood.

Leslie becomes a Juris Doctor.  The bar exam appears on the horizon (*gulp*).

After waiting 51 weeks, my peonies wake up to say Hi.

Penny announces her plan to break all records for an indoor cat spending time outside.  I beg her not to.  She pretends not to hear me.

I go to Palm Beach for the first time and finally GET what everyone is talking about.

Ron and I become (god)parents for the first time to Erin and Tom's Ellie Therese.

Ellie on the left, Anna on the right.

Off to Raleigh we go for Katherine and Manny's wedding. Our last trip for awhile.

Chester County is green green green.  Due to the massive amounts of rain we don't yet know we're going to get, the grass won't get crunchy and brown for the first time in years.

Claire arrives to Jesse and Jake days after she said she would.

I pay somebody to chop off part of my foot and pin the bones back in place.  First existential crisis of the summer sets in.

Existential crisis in full swing. Totally delirious on lingering affects of anesthesia and borderline overdose of Advil.

The rest of us join Penny in setting new record for hours spent outside on the deck.

Penny ups the ante and declares that all potted plants will share what meager space they have with her.  The fig tree knows better than to protest.

I consume at least 173 banana smoothies.  I don't regret any of them.

We (I) hobble out the door for our 5th anniversary

Leslie gets to see No. Cal. for the first time.

I talked about the good and the bad ... but I never showed you the ugly.  After five weeks the pins came out.  Normal life slowly commences while entire sheets of skin fall off my atrophied foot.

Swimming is finally permitted once again.

A big birthday looms on the horizon.  I plan a major career move.

Birthday arrives.  Unofficial end to summer arrives.  School starts (thank God) not on the same day.

This kid turns 30.

A few days later, a college student at the pool is flabbergasted to find out that I am NOT also a college student. Victory.

This COULD have been THE WORST SUMMER EVER, but it wasn't mostly because a whole team of people made SURE that it didn't go that way.  Thank you so much to the following people who made sure my summer didn't suck:
  • Thanks to Erin, who thinks nothing of using her kids' nap time to talk to me on the phone when she could probably do something for herself instead.
  • To Jesse, who drove all the way from her house to come visit with Claire one afternoon
  • To Molly, Marshall, and Jess who came to visit me AND brought a fabulous lunch too.  Thank you!
  • To Sarah, who didn't have much time in West Chester when she came to visit, but she came and saw me anyway.
  • To Laurie, who hung out at my house until 2am one night just to catch up.  And she brought me a Diet Coke and Swedish Fish too.  Love that girl.
  • To Steph, who sent me pictures of Lil enjoying the pool when I couldn't--good to see that girl has the sense to enjoy the water when she can!
  • To Mandy, who gave me the best brownies EVER and checked in to see how I was doing.
  • To Declan, who made me roar with laughter every time he REFUSED to say hi to me while happily saying hi to Ron.
  • To my grandparents and Aunt Debbie who drove out with a week's worth of food during the worst of my convalescence--such a big help for Ron. Thank you!
  • To my Aunt Pat, whose done this surgery twice (and is preparing for a third time) and totally reassured me that I would be back to normal in no time.
  • To my mother-in-law Joanne, who brought me soup AND spaghetti and meatballs--totally to die for.  Another thing Ron is also grateful for!
  • To my Italian metabolism, for preventing me from gaining a pound in July. Truly a miracle now that I'm closely examining my track record here.
  • To the weather, for raining the ENTIRE freakin month of July.  Psychologically, it made me think I wasn't missing out.  Very big help.
  • To my job, for as much as I hate you, you gave me eight solid weeks to stay home and get better.  No paperwork, no bureaucracy, no funny business with benefits (because you don't give me any): thank you.
  • To ALL of my friends' husbands, who make me laugh all the time.  Thank God for you boys.
  • To Leslie, whose griping about the bar exam made me grateful that I ONLY had to deal with my foot.  But in all seriousness, thanks to Leslie who knows how to talk me off a ledge when I find myself half hanging out a window (metaphorically speaking--calm down, people).
  • To Mom, who drove me everywhere I wanted to go when I could finally walk and didn't lecture me on the days I complained too much. She just let me be.
  • To my Fluffs. I can't even imagine the depths of my loneliness this summer if I didn't have you.
  • To Ron. For just being Ron. If you go before me, I will do whatever it takes to get you canonized. I promise.  And if you ever get tired of your job, please go become a nurse.  You'd be great at that.  You're great at everything, though.
* update 9/5/13 * My mom just texted me and said, "You forgot Cristin."  CRISTIN!!! OMG!! Cristin saved my butt and showed up for my last day of summer school (three days after my surgery). I had stupidly assumed that the person who always fills in for me would be able to make it and then went into panic mode when she told me she couldn't make it that day.  I called Cristin out of the blue and asked her to sub in for me--all she had to do was proctor an exam and pop in The Bicycle Thief.  Here's the hilarious part: Cristin, A FIRST GRADE TEACHER (is there a scarier job on earth?? NO!!!), didn't want to do it because she was "afraid she couldn't handle a college classroom."  I almost fell over.  You can't handle six comatose 21 year olds??? My dear: Please.  There's no way I could ever handle twenty one conscious 6 year olds: THAT is the real challenge.  I lured her with some money (and some reassurance that these students were fun and not a bunch of jerks ... can't say that every semester) and she caved.  Jackpot!  THANK YOU, CRISTIN!!!
I hope I didn't leave anyone else out!  When I signed up for this ridiculousness in April, I really didn't know what to expect. I just thought the whole season would be awful, my mind would block it out, and I would eventually not remember it.  But, it was still such a great summer anyway mostly because of all the people I know in all of the pockets of my life.  Thank you to you all.


Jess said...

Love this. :) And can't wait to hear about the new career move :)

Laurie said...

Me too!