Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer craft series: Leo's baby blanket

Yes, this DOES count as a summer project (even though I have declared summer dead) because I started it in May and finished it in June.  My friend and former neighbor, Amy, announced her second pregnancy sometime around Thanksgiving and I, of course, waited until April to get started on a blanket the baby.  Amy's first baby is a girl, and she chose not to find out what she was having the second time around.  My default neutral for Wait-and-See babies is white, and this time I switched it up and chose a new pattern to work with:

This is (what else?) Lion Brand's "Granny Hexagon Baby Blankie."  (Can you believe the color combo they picked for the sample blanket? Holy crap--are you TRYING to blind small children?  Come on Lion Brand--get me on your pay roll already.)   If you're thinking to yourself, "Hey, that looks like most of the other blankets you've made" and/or "Hey, that looks like most of the other blankets you've made AND the poncho you made last week" ... well, you would be right.  Again, you just go round and round until you're done--the pattern is simply modified to have six corners rather than four.

Depth of field way too narrow here--sorry.  The grey yarn is "grey marble" in (hello) Lion Brand's Vanna White line.

I had nearly finished the blanket when the baby (a boy!) arrived, so at the last minute I threw in two grey rows before I did the border.  Initially, I thought I would do the whole thing white, but the grey rows really make the hexagon shape stand out.  Amy likes how the grey has some beige in it--so do I.

When I dropped the blanket off at Amy's the other day, she was watching her brother's son and daughter in addition to her own Maya and Leo.  Amy granted Maya the honors of opening her baby brother's gift, and when Maya pulled the blanket out, her four year old cousin took a corner and gently touched it to her cheek.  I could have melted--that is EXACTLY what you're supposed to do with a new blanket.  If it feels scratchy on your face, forget it: It's trash.  Gianna knows her stuff.

That being said, I hope I passed her test??

It's only because of Leo and Marshall that I realize that most of my add-ons are really feminine ... oh well, as long as the dads don't notice--I know the moms don't really care!

Congrats to Amy and Dave for little Leo!  Maya is so lovely--no doubt her brother will be also.  Those two are lucky to have each other.

Our neighborhood misses you, but your new home is so pretty!  Enjoy and keep in touch with us : )


Amy G said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous blanket! We love it. And thanks for walking down our long driveway with your foot- I felt so bad! Leo fell right asleep when I wrapped him up in it!

Jo Harper said...

No worries! I just got the go-ahead to try running, so your driveway was easy! (Just don't ask me to do it on my tip-toes ; )