Monday, September 23, 2013

Eight years in the making: vintage truck

If you live near me, then you know Paoli Pike.  I'm using "know" in the strongest epistemological sense that I possibly can.  You KNOW every light; you KNOW how backed up each light will be (no two are the same); you KNOW every turn (you could navigate them with your eyes closed); you KNOW that no one will slow down for the people who want to cross the street at East Goshen Park; you KNOW that the light at Rt. 30 will make or break whether you make your train; you KNOW that a bad rain will shut down Warren Avenue, so hopefully you don't have to turn left or right at that intersection on those days; you KNOW that no one is going to let someone turn left out of the Malvern School during rush hour (hello, Laurie); you KNOW that you will get caught behind an old person driving at 20mph (in a 45 zone) on the days when being late for whatever is just the icing on the goddamn cake.

Anyway, for the past eight years I've noticed these vintage trucks in the parking lot of a mechanic shop along this road.  Every time I passed them, I would think to myself, "I need to take pictures of those before they get sold or trashed."  Eight years later, I FINALLY stopped on my way home from school to do this.

I parked across the street just in time to see two people (the owners? employees? people totally unaffiliated with this place?) crossing the parking lot.  When I asked if I could take pictures of the trucks, they looked at each other as if I had just landed from Mars.  "Uhhhhh, sure? Why would we care?"  In my head I thought to myself, "Ummm, because if I was a total idiot and I hurt myself while taking pictures I could probably find a way to sue you?"  Whatever.

I think my camera's mirror is *slightly* off-center. I've noticed lately that a lot of my pictures are crooked when I look at them later. I'm learning how to compensate for this (ie, hold the camera slightly tilted to the right), but I was looking at 2010 California pictures the other day and apparently this has been a problem for awhile--I just hadn't noticed.

When you take away the color, you notice the lines and curves--pretty feminine design for a such a masculine machine.

Hey there
I wonder if someone has been meaning to fix these guys up and just hasn't had the time? Or maybe they belonged to someone else who's gone now, and they can't bear to part with them? Or maybe they're just crazy-insane hoarders and the trucks are the tip of the iceberg?  It was a REALLY bright sunny day when I stopped by--I'd love to try again on a cloudier day.

I think these would be pretty fun to drive if they were all fixed up--but only if there was a hook-up for my iPhone.

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