Saturday, September 21, 2013

Abigail turns O-N-E

I guess it's official that the children I know can't turn one without a poncho.  (Molly is sad that Marshall probably won't get a poncho, but hey, you know ... he probably won't actually remember wearing it, Molly, if you really want him to have one ... or, I could just come up with something else for him next April. Whatever works.)

Again, baby pants are hard to deal with ... hopefully, Abigail has some of those.

Is it my imagination, or did this one come out a slightly different size than Lillian's?  I made them both the exact same way, although the yarns (both 5 "bulky" weight) felt totally different in my hands.   Lauren, seriously: if she outgrows this a month from now, I'll just make another one the next size up. No big deal.

I like this navy, green, and white mix--would look so great with jeans!

They had one last kitty shirt at H&M in the exact size I needed.

Personally, I would wear it with the kitty shirt as much as I would a solid color.  It definitely looks like more of a capelet here, doesn't it.  Hmmm.

Abigail's a blondie with two kitties home--very appropriate.  This illustration is also Becky Kelly.  The hydrangea image is an Instagram image from two summers ago that I had printed out via Printstagram--I punched a hole in it, and voila'.

After totally missing out on my chance to get a shot of all of our new moms and their babies at Lillian's party, I had a chance to get everybody on this particular day.

Last but not least, the birthday girl with her momma.

Naturally, no party is complete without a cake.

The "official" cake, the smash cake, and all of the cupcakes (not pictured here--lots of cake, people!) were all baked and decorated by Abigail's aunt.

If I don't get a big tutu chair and tiara cake next year, I will be sorely disappointed.

All of you survived one year! Congratulations on your lovely daughter, Lauren and Kane : )

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