Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer craft series: spray painted cookie tins

I fully acknowledge that this is a major stretch to count as a "craft," but whatevs.

Long ago, I told you about my Aunt Edna's cut-out cookie recipe.  The best way to store these cookies is in one of those giant "popcorn" tins (because they must remain crispety-crunchety to be worth eating ... and God forbid you waste a single cookie to something as stupid as humidity induced staleness).  You know those popcorn tins with three kinds of popcorn inside? My family has a bunch of those floating between our five households, and I managed to acquire two: One giant guy with Halloween ghosts and a tiny one with candy canes.  Together, they hold one batch of Aunt Edna's cookies and they keep every speck of moisture out.  (I think you can buy empty, albeit seasonal, ones at places like Michael's, JoAnn, and Christmas Tree shops. In my opinion, everybody should have one large one.)

The problem? It bugs the hell out of me to see Halloween ghosts on top of my china cabinet during Christmas and Valentine seasons.  The Virgo in me literally curls up and wails at the sight of it--it's like listening to nails on a chalkboard.  I HATE those damn ghosts and candy canes, but only an idiot would give those tins away simply because they're stupid looking.

It took me three years, but I came up with a fabulous (and stupidly obvious) idea while flying away on the treadmill two months ago (oh! my lovely treadmill! Will I ever drip sweat on you again? It remains to be seen!).  Why don't I just spray paint those suckers?  DUH.  It took me three years to come up with this?  Pathetic.  I purposely put the project off for something to do post-surgery.

Here's what I started with. BTW, the patio area under my deck is really creepy and gross. I think the stone tiles are covered in spray paint from ten other projects. I know I should care, but I don't.

Ok, so the ghosts are cute but totally inappropriate on Christmas Eve.  See ya, ghosts.  Don't forget to wipe off the tins with a microfiber cloth before painting. I forgot. Oh well. You can tell how much effort I put into this, right?

After one coat of white, I had this ...

... and the bottoms received a second coat of white and the lids were covered in (what else?) turquoise blue.  I was initially really thrilled with my blue lids, but then I remembered ...

... I switch out my blue china for red china in October.  So now, the blue lids are gonna drive me nuts during the winter because they're going to clash.  Oh well. I can switch them to white later if I want.

Just another example of how spray paint fixes everything (right, Erin?).  And if you haven't tried out Aunt Edna's cookies yet, you really REALLY should.

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