Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photo barrage: this week

"She wore the dress ..."
" ... and I stayed home."  Leslie had her first No. Cal. experience ... without me.

Lill went swimming on my behalf ...

... and I went shopping in the little girl section at Target.  Had to talk myself out of trying on dresses made for six year old kids.  (Or maybe my mother physically restrained me from trying?  Whatever. Details.)

Omg, I love the deeries even more than the kitties.

It doesn't come in baby sizes or Abigail and Lill would both be getting one for their birthdays. (Dodged a bullet there, Lauren and Steph!)
Yeah, it'll come ... three years too late.  Thanks, karma.  Was I really such an awful person in my last lifetime? 

The Sun Also Rises sucked as bad in 2013 as it did in 1999.  At least I didn't have to take a test on it this time.

Warning: You will NOT look this good--nor will you look this happy--if you find yourself in a situation where you actually need to use one of these things.

Before and After (6 weeks and 6 days)--pedicure situation is extreme, I know.  At least my toenail doesn't point to the right anymore.

Still a little puffy--not bad, though.
Love this


Anonymous said...

Oh I wish they had that in Abigail size! So cute!

Jo Harper said...

They just marked them down to $10 this weekend! Go buy one and save it for later!!