Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Saturday

Love a Saturday that starts with the farmer's market

Halladay Florist at Church and Miner

Stopped at Chantilly Blue in the afternoon--found my dream dress for $25. HA!  I've been dying for a turquoise lace dress since I've been TWO YEARS OLD. I blame this squarely on my mother who insists on watching White Christmas multiple times every December.  You know what I'm talking about?

We knew the pool would be crowded during the day, so we went late and had the whole place to ourselves.
For dinner, Leslie decided that she wanted margherita pizza from Piece a Pizza, funfetti cake, and boozed up coconut slushies.  In college, her friends taught her to buy a box of cake mix, add 12 oz. of diet soda, pour it into a dish, and bake it.  No eggs, water, or oil.  Just diet soda.  And seriously, the cake bakes up the same way it would otherwise.  I know: It's totally gross, but it's really good.

These look pretty, but we weren't totally thrilled with them.  I won't even bother putting the recipe here because we're going to dramatically alter it for the future.

I wanted to crochet, but Pearl doesn't like that because it means she can't sit on my lap.  So she sits on my pile of yarn and bathes herself instead just to spite me.  Thanks, Pearl.

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