Friday, August 30, 2013

30 on the 29th

The parties started a week ahead of time--dinner at Mark and Dina's.  Sonny's not really drinking coffee--"it's just milky."

They sent me home with a whole cake

Dinner the next night at Ron and Joanne's--they always have the best cocktails and snacks

Their neighbor's dog hangs out with them on their patio.

You could call it crostata, but "half-assed pie" is funnier.

It was a crappy pool day on the day-of, so we went to Galer Vineyards behind Longwood Gardens to see what they're all about.

Huntress Red was our favorite

Although everybody (including Craig LaBan) is buzzing about their rose' right now--I liked that one too.

Dinner at the Blue Pear--we all had the lobster roll, except for Leslie who had the pulled pork sandwich which was worth it for the provolone cheese alone.

My mom made a triple layer chocolate-vanilla-chocolate cake.  Each time we photographed it, we made sure the slanted/falling over side faced away from the camera.  You can't tell, right?

I still find horoscopes from past birthdays in the bottom of drawers in tiny purse pockets.  I used to tape them up in my bedroom mirrors.

Not much to say about turning thirty.  It's not depressing--the only depressing thing around here is the back to school grind.  Still completely confounded that I've committed myself to a lifetime of my personal hell (ie, school).  I HATE school. Everyday I wake up totally mystified that I'm still there.  How did I mess up one of the biggest components of my life?  Who grows up saying, "I HATE x-y-and-z" and then goes, "Ok, let me make a career of it"?  Idiocy.

Changing that is the biggest thing on my radar for my 30th year.  Whatever it takes, I will NOT be going "back to school" on my 31st birthday. Nope. Not gonna do it.  This is it. The last time. Never again. NEVER again.

Maybe if I type it here, I'll get it to happen.

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