Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer craft series: The blue moon baby turns one

Remember this? She's ONE.

I've been waiting for a baby to turn one so I could try out this poncho pattern.  It's pretty much the same pattern as the baby blankets I've been making (like this one and this one), but it's altered to accommodate (duh) one's head.

For every other project I've done, the pattern has called for a worsted weight yarn noted by the number 4.  This called for a bulky weight ("5") and a bigger needle (I used a K), so I picked out something from Lion Brand's Homespun yarn which is sorta ridgy and chunky.  (I used a color called "Quartz.") I wasn't sure if this would be really difficult to deal with, but it worked out pretty well--it was difficult to see my stitches at some points, but once I had a consistent gauge it wasn't a big problem.

* This post isn't sponsored by Lion Brand, but maybe it should be.  Feel free to send me a check anytime, Lion Brand! *

The only issue I had was the neck.  In this pattern, you have your foundation chain and then you work your way down to the bottom of the poncho. (It took me 14 rounds--not 12--to reach a length of 12 inches.)  You cut your yarn and then move to your foundation chain and then work up to do four rows around for the neck.  The first time I finished the neck, it looked like this:

Yeah, Jeff makes jokes all the times about how his head doesn't fit into hats, but I doubt his biological daughter requires a nine inch wide space for her head.  So I ripped out the neck and tried it again.  I ignored the instructions to increase on the first round--I did fewer stitches than required and it came out right.

Done and done ... but she'll need some pants.

I found long sleeve Ts in navy and white to go with the finished product, but I got totally lost when it came to pants.  I wanted to buy jeans to finish the outfit, but the 12-18 month jeans looked HUGE and the 9-12 month jeans looked too small.  Honestly, it was more overwhelming than buying jeans for me, so I gave up.

I wasn't so sure about the color at first, but in the end I like it.  It washes and dries really beautifully, so that's a help. (* ahem * LION BRAND.  Call me! Seriously!)
I turned Lil's adorable invites into the card ...

... and put a picture of last year's 8/31 blue moon on the back.  I used another illustration (by Becky Kelly) on the care instructions card.

Lil's Aunt Michelle is having another baby in October.

Steph asked for a shot with all the new moms and their first babies, but I missed it.

I couldn't fight my way through the media frenzy to get a decent angle.
Lil's grandfather is, like, The Best Sport Ever. nuff said.

I know: Eating cake IS exhausting, but if you and I don't do it, who will?
The "NOT the smash cake" cake
Jess and Reese--gotta love a new mom in hot pants and wedge heels.  Yup, she's still got it!

Lauren and Kane's Abigail

"Hey girl, you wanna know something?"

"I know girls at daycare who fall asleep crying at night because they WISH their hair could do this."

Sorry, Jeff: You blinked.

Happy Birthday, little Lil!  Your parents were truly the happiest people on earth today--you're so lucky you wound up with them.

Friday, August 30, 2013

30 on the 29th

The parties started a week ahead of time--dinner at Mark and Dina's.  Sonny's not really drinking coffee--"it's just milky."

They sent me home with a whole cake

Dinner the next night at Ron and Joanne's--they always have the best cocktails and snacks

Their neighbor's dog hangs out with them on their patio.

You could call it crostata, but "half-assed pie" is funnier.

It was a crappy pool day on the day-of, so we went to Galer Vineyards behind Longwood Gardens to see what they're all about.

Huntress Red was our favorite

Although everybody (including Craig LaBan) is buzzing about their rose' right now--I liked that one too.

Dinner at the Blue Pear--we all had the lobster roll, except for Leslie who had the pulled pork sandwich which was worth it for the provolone cheese alone.

My mom made a triple layer chocolate-vanilla-chocolate cake.  Each time we photographed it, we made sure the slanted/falling over side faced away from the camera.  You can't tell, right?

I still find horoscopes from past birthdays in the bottom of drawers in tiny purse pockets.  I used to tape them up in my bedroom mirrors.

Not much to say about turning thirty.  It's not depressing--the only depressing thing around here is the back to school grind.  Still completely confounded that I've committed myself to a lifetime of my personal hell (ie, school).  I HATE school. Everyday I wake up totally mystified that I'm still there.  How did I mess up one of the biggest components of my life?  Who grows up saying, "I HATE x-y-and-z" and then goes, "Ok, let me make a career of it"?  Idiocy.

Changing that is the biggest thing on my radar for my 30th year.  Whatever it takes, I will NOT be going "back to school" on my 31st birthday. Nope. Not gonna do it.  This is it. The last time. Never again. NEVER again.

Maybe if I type it here, I'll get it to happen.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Saturday

Love a Saturday that starts with the farmer's market

Halladay Florist at Church and Miner

Stopped at Chantilly Blue in the afternoon--found my dream dress for $25. HA!  I've been dying for a turquoise lace dress since I've been TWO YEARS OLD. I blame this squarely on my mother who insists on watching White Christmas multiple times every December.  You know what I'm talking about?

We knew the pool would be crowded during the day, so we went late and had the whole place to ourselves.
For dinner, Leslie decided that she wanted margherita pizza from Piece a Pizza, funfetti cake, and boozed up coconut slushies.  In college, her friends taught her to buy a box of cake mix, add 12 oz. of diet soda, pour it into a dish, and bake it.  No eggs, water, or oil.  Just diet soda.  And seriously, the cake bakes up the same way it would otherwise.  I know: It's totally gross, but it's really good.

These look pretty, but we weren't totally thrilled with them.  I won't even bother putting the recipe here because we're going to dramatically alter it for the future.

I wanted to crochet, but Pearl doesn't like that because it means she can't sit on my lap.  So she sits on my pile of yarn and bathes herself instead just to spite me.  Thanks, Pearl.