Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer craft series: hanging glass planters

Last week, I showed you two of Terrain's little glass globes with succulents and then promised to show you how to do them for far less than $38 a piece.  Let's get started:

I found my glass pears at Michael's for $1.99 each--yes, I have the decimal in the right spot.  The stones are also from Michael's ($2.79) and the succulents are from Wal-Mart which is the only affordable place that I could find them.  Typically, I can find them at Home Depot and even at the supermarket. These were the only two that were salvageable from the pathetic assortment I found ($2.50 each ... borderline not worth it).
ummm ... excuse me.

Ok, you two have at it and I'll get started again when you're done.

Remove as much of the dirt as you can without damaging or breaking the roots.  Place it inside and get your stones ready.  I love how this little one is wearing red lipstick.

Add enough stones to hide the dirt, pushing them around to the back.  I think white stones would look really nice too.

Taa-daa! I kept the pears on the cardboard to help them stand up while working on them.  That is the one advantage to the glass globes at Terrain: You can hang them or they can sit without tipping.

The one on the left is mine--I did buy the airplant at Terrain ... that's the most expensive item in all of these shots: $7

I figured out that these will sit up if you place them in a small dish--this bowl is from the nesting bowls I have sitting in my cabinet.

But, I'm going to hang mine since I have little space on the plant shelf in my room.  I grabbed the ribbon from an Anthropologie shopping bag.

Once a week, I have to pull him out and submerge him in water for about an hour.  He's only resting on top of the stones, so that should be easy.
So here's the math:

$7 (air plant) + $6 (glass pears) + $3 (stones) + $5 (succulents) = $21

If I had skipped the air plant and done three succulents, it would've been something like $14.

Can't beat it with a stick!

If you would rather buy one, I would check out Longwood Gardens (if you live around here)--they sell them for $20 and use moss rather than stones:

You can buy the air plants separately--only $1 less than Terrain, but I guess a dollar counts.  They're also really cheap online if you do a search for them.

These are air plants too--I noticed them in a large terrarium as a backdrop for purple orchids. Very pretty.

These little dishes were really cute up close--I think $28 ... I was still expecting sticker shock, forgetting where I was.

Ok, enough griping about money for now.

But, you should make your own little floating garden--I love walking by mine in my room.


Jess said...

Cute little heart!!

Jess said...

Also, I've always wanted one of these to hang, but always think I'd probably kill it somehow...

Jo Harper said...

I'll let you know how mine does. You submerge air plants in water for an hour once per week and that's it. You can pour some water into the globes for the succulents. The succulents I bought were crappy to begin with, some I'm skeptical of their longevity in this case.

Laurie said...

So I just dug this post up again. I am totally making these for my co-workers this Christmas!