Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Revival of the summer crafts series? (ie, Katherine's apron)

Yesterday I showed some pictures of Katherine's wedding. In early May, I missed her bridal shower (a tea party! and I missed it!).  She and Manny registered at Crate and Barrel, so I picked out some of the baking items she asked for, and I also made it a point to pick out a dishtowel to make her an apron.  Remember Ali's dishtowel apron from last summer? I bought the same dishtowel in black and whipped up another apron for Katherine.

I made the waist tie extra long so she can wrap it all the way around her waist and tie it in a fancy bow.  Katherine's waist is so tiny that she could probably wrap it around twice and still tie it in a bow.

I used a portion of her shower invitation as the tag for the care/washing instructions--one of my friends gave me this idea when she gave me a present at my own shower years ago:

I also saved Katherine's Christmas card photo and used it to make a card rather than buy a shower card at the store--how gorgeous are they all together?? That's Brinkley in the middle:

Speaking of Christmas card photos, how ridiculous is this?  Throughout Katherine and Manny's entire wedding weekend, complete strangers kept coming up to me and Ron saying, "Oh, hello!  I know we've met before: I'm so-in-so."  The first few times this happened, we were mildly panicked: We've met before? Who ARE you? I never forget a face--what's going on? Inevitably, the stranger would say, "Wait a minute: We've never met ... why do I feel like I know you? ... OH MY GOD! You're the people with those big, fluffy cats on Katherine's fridge! That's why I feel like I know you! I literally see you all the time!  How are your cats? Are they that big and fluffy in person?  One does that one [Pearl] look so unhappy?"  We literally had this exact conversation word for word with twelve different people because Katherine puts our Christmas photo on her fridge.  See?  People can make fun of Christmas photos all they want, but they're totally worth it.

Even though summer has mostly passed (yeah, I just said that), I think I'll revive the barely-breathing Summer Craft Series anyway. I made this apron back in May, I finished another baby blanket in June, and I'm working on several other crochet projects during my bunion convalescence.  There are a few things I want to sew ... but I sew with the same foot that I use to drive and both of those things are slightly impossible right now. (I bet I could sew with all of this bandaging ... messing up while sewing isn't nearly as dangerous as messing up while driving.  It's also not illegal for me to sew right now ...)

This apron project is so easy, though. If you go to look for a fancy dishtowel, make sure you look at the towel's pattern carefully.  Most of the really adorable ones at Anthropologie, for example, have a really cute image that runs vertically rather than horizontally. In other words, if you were to use it for an apron the image would appear sideways on the finished product.  Maybe this wouldn't bother some people or maybe it would actually improve the final product in some cases.  Just keep it in mind while you're shopping.

It's so easy--if you have a machine give it a try, and click on the above link on Ali's apron so that you don't ruin your grosgrain ribbon making the mistake that I made twice before I got it right.

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katherine said...

I love this!! I've already worn it and you assembled it perfectly. I seriously need a sewing lesson from you.