Sunday, July 21, 2013

omg, please tell me you know about this?

 * update--July 23, 2013--please read this post by the creators of the app I mention below.  Apparently, someone has ripped off the ideas in Elsie and Emma's app, and many people have bought the wrong app by mistake. Please don't mistakenly waste your $$ on the wrong app! *

I'm assuming that I'm the last person in the whole world to learn about the blog A Beautiful Mess?  Leslie sent me the link recently, and I'm so obsessed.  Flipping through all of Elsie and Emma's stuff has eaten up several hours of post-bunion convalescence.

Anyway, their new app is SO MUCH FUN!!! It all started when Leslie sent me this:

I responded with something like, "OMIGOD HOW DID YOU DO THAT????????????"

So look what I did:

This ...

... became this!

This ...

... became this!

Then I used my phone to take a picture of two pictures in a magazine (probably totally illegal):

An ad in a recent volume of Traditional Home ... I have no idea what the ad was for. I only noticed the bunnies.


And finally:

From the July 2013 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine

Pay $1 and download the app ... now!

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