Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's time to play ....






Wahoo! And we're playing it at my favorite place: Terrain.  (I think that's the only place we ever play this?) I'm pretty mobile these days (relatively speaking), so my mom took me out so I could get an anniversary gift for Ron and to Terrain because I haven't been there in forever.

Let's get started:

Problem: I hid the price tag to take the picture and now I don't remember how much this really is.  The footed dish alone has to be $60-70.  So everything combined ... hmmm ... I would say $128? I love that garden gate behind the fern.

We searched in vain for prices on these.  My guess? $6 each.  Aren't they cute?  At least they all look really healthy.

They had a few of these big jade plants--really beautiful.  Want to guess?  If you guessed under $70, you're wrong.

Ok, this is to die for: A gorgeous fig tree. There were TWO of them.  I hope I can train mine to take this shape--I like fig trees rather than fig bushes.  I couldn't find a price and didn't care anyway. A girl can dream.

Ok, here's a fun one.  Take a guess on that wide black cabinet on the bottom: $500?  $750? no ...

The cabinet's $1,598!  At that point, I started laughing and my mom got borderline annoyed: "Are you serious? This is a joke.  REALLY?? COME ON!!"  Ok, what about this little guy here with the succulents?

Or this pear-shaped guy in the middle? $20? $25? Come on now: $38.  I won't lie, I really wanted one badly ...

I did get one ... but it's not from Terrain! I'll do a separate post and show you how I did three of these for a grand total of $21. Not kidding.
I saw this idea in the current copy of Sweet Paul magazine while I was there.  I don't like the idea of plastic, but it's something to think about.

In the meantime, I saw this little guy.  If not for one of my favorite bloggers who has a real love for beetles, I would've been all "ewwww, gross! He's huge!!" rather than, "Oh, cool!"  He was a lovely creamy beige color--about the size of a silver dollar.  I hope he moved out of his spot since he was bound to get crushed by someone not watching their step.

In the parking lot, I noticed another fig actually planted in the the parking lot.  Figs always remind me of California.

They'll be ready to go in about six weeks ...

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