Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jesse's baby shower

On the first weekend of May, we celebrated Jesse having her first baby--a little girl.  Why has it taken me six weeks to post this? Who knows.

In true Jesse form, the party took place at her grandmother's gorgeous house on the Main Line.  I've been coming here for parties since elementary school.  As a matter of fact, Jesse turns THIRTY TODAY and if we were still in grade school, we would totally be in Nannan's pool to celebrate the occasion.

Jesse is girly girly girly as they come, and her nursery is all done up in pale pink, beige, and chocolate brown toile.  I picked out white, pale pink, and pale green for her baby blanket:

Fancy tags are in the dollar bins at Michael's.

My working ahead streak ended for this baby--I think I finished this the night before the shower.  Oh well, it was still done in time for the party.  To go with the blanket, I picked out this CRAZY ADORABLE kitty cat outfit at H&M--Jesse is one of the biggest animal lovers I know, so I knew she would love it and not think it's crazy.

And finally, I had to pick out a book or two. I went with Kiki and Coco again and a new one: Just Being Audrey.  Jesse's been to Paris a few times, including her honeymoon.  (Jesse's entire honeymoon consisted of a week in Paris, a week in Rome, and a week in Aruba because she couldn't pick the "type" of honeymoon she wanted ... so she did it all!  I know, right??)  And, both of us are Audrey Hepburn fanatics so I knew that an illustrated biography of her would work.  The watercolors in the Audrey book are really beautiful.

Jesse and Nannan

Nannan's house is absolutely beautiful, and it has the perfect lay out for entertaining large crowds.  The large living room at the center of the house serves as a dining room when she adds extra tables and chairs:

The patio and pool are outside of the living room

Jesse's mom made a diaper cake for all of the tables.
Best summer lunch ever: turkey sandwiches, potato salad, and fruit salad.
We take them for granted today, but photographs are a true indicator of wealth over time.  For example, my mother's family has hardly any photographs taken prior to the mid-1960s: Film, cameras, and processing were extremely costly and no one could afford a photographer or portraits, etc., prior to that time. My grandmother has a few shots from the time when she worked FOR a photographer, but outside of that they're pretty rare.  Jesse's family has pictures going back to the early 1900s and 19th century (as you can see).  Every bride has formal portraits taken at some point and the portraits are prominently displayed.  That's Jesse's mom all the way on the left.

And there's Jesse--her mother and Nannan also wore her veil.
Above the fireplace are the early 19th century (I think) wedding portraits of two of Jesse's ancestors.  (Honestly, can you image what it cost to have portraits painted two hundred years ago??)  I forget the story ... but I think these two sailed away on their honeymoon and were never heard from again.  Something about an accident or shipwreck?  I need to ask Jesse because I forget--I just remember they died really young right after their wedding.

Photos everywhere--I love it.
Oui, oui--I agree!

Is there anything better than a big pile of presents on a patio next to a pool? I think not.

We had perfect PERFECT weather that particular day.

One day, I'll have my own ...

I loooooved Kendra's nails ... obviously, she had Tiffany on her mind when she went to the nail salon.

Jesse and her sorority sisters from college--could you pick a favorite dress if your life depended on it?

Jesse, look at your gorgeous ankles! Don't worry--they'll come back ; )

Even if you've never met Jesse, watching her cut the cake here sort of sums up everything about her.  Flip through the cake pictures a second time to get to know her mom. I've watched this seen play out about a million times since 1992:

I want Jesse's mom's dress sooo bad ... Jesse bought it for her at New York & Co. last year. I thought it was Hermes or something.  Maybe it'll turn up in a consignment store?  Also, how perfectly did we match?
This is Kendra of the Tiffany nails from earlier--she's dating Jesse's little brother, Marshall.  Marshall's been the same guy since he's been six--the quintessential little brother.  There's something about him that is irresistibly adorable--he knows how to stir the pot and get his mom all spun up, but he's just completely lovable.

Jesse's due in a week on the 20th--I'm wondering if she'll go early or not.  I kind of hope she gets to keep her birthday to herself, but she's never been bad at sharing so it's ok if the baby comes later today.  Jess: My fingers are crossed for the easiest possible delivery ... it HAS to be easier than two kidney stones, right?? RIGHT?? (What would I know about that, but my mom swears that anything is easier than kidney stones.)  Can't wait to meet your little girl ...

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