Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm back: Palm Beach, FL

Holy crap--May's OVER?? SINCE WHEN???  I swore that no month could fly by faster than April did, and then this happened: May is GONE.  I started the month with Portland, then finals, then Leslie's graduation from law school, a baby shower here, seeing a friend or two there, a 48-hour trip to Palm Beach, the beginning of a new summer semester, Memorial Day ... and here we are, all ready (sort of) for June.

I need to get all of my pictures together and my posts organized, so I'll just post my Palm Beach pictures now and see what else I can pull together later.

Ron had a conference at The Breakers in Palm Beach last week, and if my friend Marcie has taught me anything it's "to travel with my husband whenever possible because THAT is an easy way to see the world" without too much hassle.  We had heard that The Breakers is fabulous beyond FABULOUS and (lucky me!) his trip didn't interfere with my teaching schedule (rare).

We were--hands down--the poorest people at this place.  It was divine.  It was a really short trip, so I left my big camera at home and only brought my tiny point and shoot.  But, that's ok because it gave me room for an extra pair of shoes.

Look carefully: that's a TV in the bathroom mirror ... now that I think about it, I never turned it on.

I want my own little succulent arrangement so bad.  This one was half dead, but all it needed was a little water and it perked up by the time we left.  How come no one takes care of little things like this?
View from our window
Some of the courtyards around the hotel

This was lit so beautifully at night.

This pale blue color was an accent on just about everything--love that.

Walking to the pools ... the sun was so bright that most of my outdoor shots were totally overexposed.

... but first a view of the beach.

I spent most of Thursday right here.  I love a cool (borderline icy cold) pool, but it's so hot here that the water felt like bath water.  Still, it was gorgeous.  Waiters run around fetching all kinds of drinks for people.  People would order tons of stuff all day ... I was like, "Maybe they're already too drunk to read the drink prices on the poolside menus???"  I couldn't bring myself to pay for one.

All of my favorite colors in one frame.

I had never seen turquoise water before. I've never been to the Caribbean or Hawaii or the Mediterranean, so this was a particular thrill for me.  I love the Jersey shore and all, but "opaque dark green" just isn't the same thing.

On Friday morning I woke up early, but I was not the first one at the pool at 8:15am.  Another lady beat me.

Most hilarious comment overheard during our stay: "Oh yeah, we're just staying here for two weeks and then maybe we'll head home."

After Ron finished all of his meetings, we had time for lunch before leaving for the airport.  If you come here, get the arugula and lemon flatbread: They use a mandolin to shave raw lemons so thin that you can see through them, and these go on top of arugula, shaved parmesan, and prosciutto.

Oh, but these were the best: cucumber lemonade frozen cocktails.  They blend ice with cucumber, lemonade, and gin ... probably the best thing I've ever had to drink. I've already looked up five recipes to recreate it.

And that's it!  The best 48 hours I've had in quite a long time.  I can't believe I almost didn't go with Ron.  If you get the chance to stay here, GO.  Pretend you're a 1%-er for a day or two in your life.  (Or, maybe you don't have to pretend in which case: Yay for you!)


Tiff said...

I LOVE The Breakers! It is so beautiful! Shane had a conference there for work a year and a half ago. Did you go to the relaxation pool? It's a hidden gem! Thanks for reminding me of a great trip!

Jo Harper said...

I actually don't think I visited that one--believe it or not, I stayed closest to the pool that had mostly families because I felt safest from the leering old men there. Although leering middle-aged dads isn't that much better.