Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ellie and Anna

A few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon with Erin and her twins (who just turned three months ... how crazy is that?).  All I can say is that Erin is the epitome of calm--she floats between each baby with hardly a hair on her head out of place.  If you know Erin, this is not surprising to you.  It's a sight to behold especially because I cannot fathom caring for ONE baby.  I felt like such a schlump sitting around and rocking whichever baby wasn't being changed/pacified/fed/clothed.  But, I doubt I should be entrusted to anything other than sitting and rocking at this point.

I think Ellie is the image of Erin's mom

Anna is, without question, the image of Tom.

Someone Tom works with knitted this beautiful sweater.

Disgruntlement sets in ...

When I left, Anna was swaddled in front of the window.

Ellie sat with momma

omigod, the accoutrement for feeding a baby (two babies) is outta control.

Has Mary Cassatt painted that face a thousand times? Am I the only one who sees it?

Hoping I see them soon ... before they get even bigger and bigger ...


Erin S said...

"Epitome of calm"... Ha! Talk to me at 4 am when the girls are crying and I have gotten very little sleep because Anna's breathing alarm has been giving false alarms all night long... I wouldn't trade it for the world though. They keep getting more fun every day. Their smiles and coos make everything worthwhile :)

Laurie said...

Love these!! So sweet.