Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easter eggies from an Easter egger

In the midst of creating exams, grading exams, reading papers (mostly atrocious with a gem occasionally scattered here and there), setting aside plagiarized papers (one officially and another under suspicion), and answering frantic last minute emails ("What's the assignment again???" ... you mean the one I assigned in February? Let's go over it AGAIN) ... one of my students gave me these gorgeous eggs from her chickens.

I was told to ignore the death threat--she wanted to be sure that her brother didn't use the eggs by mistake.

The blue eggs come from a breed of hen called Americana or "Easter Eggers"--so called because they lay gorgeous Easter colored eggs without any need for dye.  They're so gorgeous. I wish all the eggs at the supermarket were aqua ... or at least some of them so you could choose.

So far, we've used them in pancakes and egg salad--delish!

I would love to have chickens for fresh eggs some day. We'll see if that happens ... not as long as I live in a house with no yard AND a HOA ...

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