Monday, April 1, 2013

We interrupt this Italian vacation ...

... to bring you Easter.

Always strange to have an early (March) Easter, especially when it's still so cold out.  Lots to do over the weekend:

A few of my family members requested rosaries from Rome, and I knew Easter would be first chance to pass them along.  On other trips, it's been possible to have Vatican purchases blessed by the Pope; however, since there was no Pope during our trip, everyone will have to be content that they have "transition" rosaries (ie, rosaries from that odd and rare time between living Popes).  These green ones are for my grandmother, but everyone else received received dark blue shimmery beads.

Each set of rosaries received its own packaging.  The actual tags are from the dollar bin at Michael's, and each tag received its own Easter sticker.

The stickers are from the card aisle at the supermarket--aren't they pretty? Marjolein Bastin is one of my favorite illustrators.

We had a bunch of stuff to bring to Easter dinner, but nothing was too complicated.  I did the peach cake and pineapple stuffing (follow the link and scroll down for the recipe) Saturday night in record time.

Of course, I didn't time things quite right on Saturday night so I basically missed the first hour of The Ten Commandments which I HAVE to watch every year or it's simply not Easter.  This movie isn't particularly fantastic, but it's a nice review of some of the Old Testament stuff that I don't remember from CCD.  Most importantly, the costumes are AH-MAH-ZING.  (Ok, there's the REAL reason I watch it.)  I seriously want every one of Ramses' outfits, especially his shimmery gold tunic.  I've never really noticed his clothes before, but some reason each of his outfits made me think, "Ok--here's how to make it feminine, and here's how to make it 21st century worthy." I was totally Project Runway-ing it in my head, but I doubt any of my visions will actually see the light of day.

Nefertiri's no slouch either.  I remember being really, really little and thinking that I would seriously die for her turquoise dress ... and all of her jewelry.  (What's the dress without all of the crazy, overdone jewelry?) The whole movie is still worth that dress.  The mint green one is pretty incredible too.


I didn't stay awake for the whole five hours this year.

Stuffed animals come to life--how I love my Fluffs!

A few weeks ago, my mom sent me a picture of these bunny rolls from Pinterest and Ron said he wanted to try them.  Like most other people who have tried these and posted the results online, our initial shot at bunnies ended up looking like strange kitties:

Ron tried again on Easter morning with more success in the bunny department:

After the roll-making and egg-dying, we headed off to brunch at Ron's parents' house.  How gorgeous is this tablecloth?  Joanne bought it somewhere, but machines can't recreate crochet so some person worked their fingers to the bone completing it long ago:

And later we headed over to my parents' house for dinner:

My mom's ceramic berry basket is NOT from Anthro--she paid 1/3 of Anthro's price at Kohl's.  So shop wisely! It's pretty cute.

OMG what a food-coma-kinda-day it was. Totally worth it, though.

Spring is STILL not here.  Apparently, it's going to be super windy and in the freakin 40s tomorrow?  Global Warming: You are SO confusing.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter!

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