Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pink for Reese

Remember this?

And this?

Well, Reese is here--she arrived yesterday (tax day baby! Maybe this means that she'll be the kind of person who never misses a deadline??).  And I DO have a picture of her, but I feel funny posting a picture of someone so new when I haven't even talked to her parents yet.  But, everyone is just fine.

Driving to work last week, I thought to myself whether it must be extra special to have an April due date when you live in this corner of the world.

Everything that once appeared dead reveals itself to only be asleep.  The ubiquitous grey outside slowly, slowly, slowly starts to turn green.  So slowly!  During the day, the cold isn't there to freeze your damn bones--you can feel your bones literally start to thaw. (Or maybe only Jess and I notice that?)

The world isn't dead--it was just asleep.  There has to be something empowering about having an April due date ... to make your own unique contribution to the waking up of the world?  Putting an end to the temporary death of things?  I'm not sure if Molly and Jess have thought about this at all. I know if I were in their shoes I would be like, "No, I haven't thought about that, but I think about coffee and red wine a lot."

She's an Aries, this girl Reese.  Inevitably, Reese's birthday will cross over with Easter several times during her life--I would love having an Easter birthday. Instead, my birthday crosses over with the first day of school. Almost every frickin year.

I went to Longwood yesterday and took pictures of everything pink just for Reese.  God knows I already have too many pictures of Longwood for one lifetime, but Reese inspired everything I noticed yesterday.  Here is all of my pink, just for Reese:

They have peonies in the conservatory already (and some gorgeous figs--very jealous).  My peony is just emerging from its long sleep.

"Night Fire" hibiscus

"Campanula" or "little bell" flower

Reese, I hope you go to California one day ... and Europe. You can't understand what "mediterranean" means until you feel it yourself.

Japanese cherry

There was a slight breeze and pink petals just drifted drifted drifted to the ground.  So gorgeous.

Looks like a bridal veil.

Doesn't it?

Welcome to the world, little Reese!  I feel like you arrived in no time.  I wish you all the best, and all of us can't wait to see which strengths and talents you have as you get older each year.  Enjoy your April birthday each year, and make sure you really milk it during the years it crosses over with Easter.  (I once got my birthday to last four days and it didn't even cross over with a holiday.  Call me if you need advice on this matter.)  Be grateful that your parents have excellent taste in music--this will make your car rides even more fun with them.  And if you ever find yourself thinking, "I don't know what to wear!" either one of your parents can advise you on this without any risk of embarrassment to yourself.  How many human beings in the history of the world can say that?? Not too many, my girl.  Not too many.

So welcome, little girl Reese.  I hope you enjoy your time here.


Jess said...

Clearly I have some catching up to do! Maybe I'm biased, but what an awesome entry! Your Longwood photos get me every time, so beautiful! Reese and I are getting to know each other quite quickly these days and we're doing well! She's a fan of Vampire Weekend and Van Morrison, which of course makes her parents happy :) I can't wait to see what her strengths and talents are either! Awesome post!

Jo Harper said...

Have I seriously not seen you in a MONTH?? I hope you're doing well--can't wait to meet the baby at some point : )