Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Molly's shower

A few weeks ago, all of Molly's favorite ladies got together to overwhelm her with tons of baby stuff in the final weeks of her pregnancy.  By some miracle, I finished her gift not only on time but a month early (only the second time that's happened ... this is definitely never happening again).

You know the drill: giant granny square baby blanket.  This time I mixed things up and used three colors for the blanket plus the picot edging that I used for Erin.

Molly's nursery is this gorgeous combination of pale blue and beige for her baby boy, but Molly's favorite color is green so I used that as the primary color for the whole blanket.  I was going to do just green and white, but at the last minute I went out and bought navy blue for the edge--something about it really appealed to me even though I knew it wouldn't match the baby's room.

Rather than give Molly a copy of Kiki and Coco in Paris (too girly for a baby boy), I went with a classic:

M. Sasek's books are so cool--I have Paris and Rome for myself ... I thought I had bought myself San Francisco, but apparently I never did.  Anyway, Molly and her husband traveled to Paris for vacation back in November so technically her baby has been there (not that he'll remember it).  So the book can do some of the remembering for everybody.  Molly's husband sent me some pictures of the two of them in Paris, and I glued them into the front and back covers of the book.

For the record, Tiff also decorates the books she gives as baby gifts--here's her contribution to a book she gave to Jess earlier in March:

I think Tiff said the book was about dogs, but Tiff wanted to make sure Jess's baby also received an education about cats, so she drew in her own cat (Baby Kitty), Lauren's cats (Nugget and Maddie), and Pearl and Penny (with extra fluff... and perfect renderings of the white spots on their noses! This attention to detail is the highest compliment you could pay us, Tiff ; )   How cool is that?

Just wanted to make sure you saw that--how could I leave it out?

Anyway, in true Molly form her shower took place in a bright, sunny, plant-filled spot.

Everyone brought a onesie for the baby

The Rocky one was my favorite.

I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure that Lill is looking at her momma here ... do you see that glare???

Since we were around the corner from Molly's house, all the girls hung out at the party and all the husbands/dads/kids waited for us back at the house.  Toward the end, some of the dads and kids showed up to say hi to everyone--how adorable is Molly's nephew? omg, those eyes!

See Molly's manicure? I wish I had a better shot of it.

Only two and a half weeks to go!  When Molly and Jess announced their identical due dates back in September, I remember thinking to myself, "Those babies won't be here til the whole school year is over?  That may as well be ten years away."

Well, "ten years" goes pretty fast I guess.

Congrats, Molly and Dan!  No doubt that your son will be thoughtful, smart, and hilarious just like the two of you.

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Jess said...

In that picture of Lily, I believe she is thinking..."Who the heck is this woman, and why are you letting her hold me mom?!?!"

And Tiff - yes I saw your illustrations and I was very impressed. I loved how plump nugget was...very true to form :)

Jo Harper said...

Ha! See, I think Lillian was overdue for lunch and she was trying to spare her mother any overt demands by using subtle facial expressions first ... those sliders were really distracting so I don't blame Steph at all!