Saturday, April 20, 2013

I forgot my own anniversary again

For some reason I thought I started this blog on April 15, but it turns out that I started it on April 11.  Either way, I missed both dates.

Not much going on here. I remind myself that this state of things is a luxury (see also: Boston).

The Japanese cherry tree from Monday opened during the week.

I've walked by this tree every week for five years and never noticed it was a cherry tree. Maybe I just forgot?

A chenille plant--when I was little, my mom had a big book of houseplants that I would flip through when I was bored.  For whatever reason, I would stare at the chenille plant for what felt like hours.  I really loved it and yet something about it was really terrifying.  Such a weird kid.

omg, I want this.

And this. Don't ask me where I would put it.  I wonder if I could illuminate the inside of the house.  Ron?

And this.

But, really: how cool are these?  I can't pick a favorite--the one with the chandelier is very California, but who says no to white garden gate and a little candle on a post?  These are the moments where I think to myself, "Thank GOD I live in a small house or I would have a serious accumulation problem."  When your house doesn't have enough windows for all the plants you want, you eventually stop buying them.

Totally ridiculous ... the things that capture my attention.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to me.


Linda C said...

I'm so glad you started a blog, and I hope you continue it for many years to come. It's nice to see updates on your friends and also enjoy your photographs. You took to a camera like a fish to water - don't know of too many young children willing to spend their birthday money on film and developing!

Jo Harper said...

I guess I'm also lucky that I had a dad willing to drive me to Kmart a million times a month to drop off/pick up film?