Monday, March 25, 2013

"We make plans ..."

" ... and God laughs."

The first day of spring passed last Wednesday ... but you would never guess it if you live in Philly.  I knew they were calling for "snow" or something overnight, but when I opened my blinds Monday morning and saw this scene, I gasped out loud.

Then, I did what any teacher does: I called my school's weather hotline to see if my class had been cancelled. I actually wasn't wishing for it to be cancelled.  (Seriously, I barely work out of the home at all ... sometimes teaching is my only social hour all week ... that is, if yelling at my students for NEVER doing their reading counts as "social.")  As of 10am, class was a go.

A few hours later, I frantically finished some overdue grading and got seriously dolled up (see above re: never leaving the house).  Check this out--this dress is a hand-me-down from a cool friend:

I swear I don't take pix of myself like this often at all--I only took it to send it to Eileen to thank her again for the dress.
I was having a kick-ass hair and make up day too.  It's been daaaaays since I got my hair just right.  And you know how you get that feeling every once in awhile when you're like, "OMG it's gonna stay this way for, like, six hours!!! I can just tell!"


So, I drove to school and the roads were BEYOND fine.

Then, I arrived at school and there was SO MUCH AVAILABLE PARKING.  And that's when I thought: "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!"  (I yelled that out loud. In my car.  The NPR people probably heard me in reverse through the radio.)

So I call the school from the parking lot: "Yeah, hun. You're cancelled.  Go home."  As I'm sitting there thinking, "Huh.  Do I want to go to Target?"  I see one of my students parking (one of my top students--she's my mom's age and works full time).  I pull up next to her and wave my hands around.  (Erin and probably Amalie are laughing at that last sentence.  Erin is saying, "When are you NOT waving your hands around?")  But, you know what I mean: "Roll down your window!"

My student goes, "Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME???"  I hadn't even said anything yet.

Me: "Yup."
Student: "The website said we still had class an HOUR AGO!!"
Me: "Yup."
Student: "Geez, this makes me REALLY MAD."
Me: "Uh huh."
Student: "I canNOT believe they wasted everyone's time like this!!"
Me [in my head]: You'll get used to it.
Me [out loud]: "I have your paper with me--want to talk about it?"
Student: "YOU DO??? THIS IS SO WORTH IT!!"

So, my accidental presence made her day.  That NEVER happens.  (Usually, my presence makes students groan out loud. Wish I was joking.)

I have no other stories at this point, so let the randomness commence:

My cousin got engaged right before we left for Italy.  I know that most girls appreciate a good ring shot.

Put away my winter china ...

... and replaced it with my summer china.  Don't why this feels so good each year, but it does.

Penny defeats the entire purpose of keeping dark colored clothing in this cabinet.
My sister went to Miami two weeks ago.  Every single one of my favorite colors is in this picture.

Tell me what's odd about this picture.  Need help?

If you're going to unintentionally photograph Tiff, she'll make it worth your while.  Thanks, Tiff!  This is a great service that you offer to the world ; )
Also, speaking of pregnant ladies and God "laughing" when we make plans: Say a little prayer for my friend Jesse (NOT to be confused with Jess).  She's due with her first baby in June, and she's spending Monday night (and maybe this week?) in the hospital with ...

[wait for it.]


And, her husband's away on a business trip.  Poor Jake--he's probably pulling every string to get home ASAP.

I know, right?  Oh God, where is the justice in this world?  Jesse missed a chunk of 12th grade because of her first kidney stone ... it took her A MONTH to pass it.  And this time, she's not allowed to take a serious cocktail of pain killers to get through it.  Doctors are considering surgery, which I can't imagine doing while pregnant.  She seems to be in good spirits, and the baby is ok.  But, I am just sick for her and totally worried.

Do you know someone who's had a kidney stone? I vividly remember Jesse's last one and I remember the one my mom had when I was in college (terrifying to be 21 years old and watch your mother totally incapacitated from hellish pain--and there's nothing you can do).  AND I remember the one she had Easter weekend when I was two or three.  They are SCARY.  My mom said to me once, "I would rather go through twenty child births in a row than go through one kidney stone in a day.  There's no comparison."

So please send Jesse all of your most positive energy, even if you don't know her.

 And just to go out on a laugh, I offer you Pearl in rare form:

"Well she's all you'd ever want, she's the kind they'd like to flaunt and take to dinner; Well she always knows her place, she's got style, she's got grace: She's a winner; She's a lady--WHOA WHOA WHOA--She's a lady ..."

We might make plans ... but I don't think Pearl does.

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