Saturday, March 2, 2013

This week

My new Valentine orchid from my mom (this variety is very popular at Longwood right now).

This one's at Longwood ... not mine.
So weird to see the sunken floor in the middle of the Exhibition Hall drying out and not glistening and shiny (because it's normally covered with water).
Last year's Valentine orchid in all of its glory.  NINE blossoms on one stem!  Totally crazy!!! Thank you, south facing window!

My crocuses (croci?) are coming up.  I bought mixed boxes of yellow, white, and purple, planted them at random and somehow managed to plant all like colors together.  Oh well.

Had my trusty brown boots re-heeled and shined up--totally like new. Love that.

I walked by this on the street and said to myself, "I'm buying that."  It's a consignment store, so the mannequins always wear random sizes.  This time, the whole look happened to be my size.

I bought the silk skirt and cardi. I really wanted the cami but figured I could buy a new one at Target (don't they ALWAYS have that yellowy color? ... not this week, apparently. Oh well).


Melted brie on baguette with champagne: Th-th-th-th-th ... that's Wednesday dinner, folks!  (I should be freaked out by how beige this meal is, but I'm not.  It was the best meal all week.)

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