Saturday, March 16, 2013


* disclaimer * This photo does not include all of the medications, vitamins, potions, pills, drugs (legal, illegal, illicit, and otherwise) that I used this week.  Also, if there are no tissues at your local store: Sorry. I used them all.
I cannot believe that March is half over. Two weeks has been a blur.  Ron and I left for Rome on March 2nd and we returned on the 8th, but within 48 hours of returning I became so damn sick for the third time since Christmas.  Is today Saturday?  I wouldn't know.  I spent three straight days horizontal on the couch with the flickering TV in front of me and two fluffs resting on top of me.  Here are some observations from this time:

1) You know you are sick when you are watching Michael frickin Bolton sing "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?" on the Rachael FRICKIN Ray Show and you don't even try to change the channel.  (Maybe this contributed to my illness? I know it didn't make me better.)

2) You know you are sick when you go so many days without washing your hair that you can pull out your hair elastic and your hair still stays in the perfect shape of a pony tail.

3) You know you are sick when there is iced cake in the fridge and you don't touch it even once because chewing and swallowing takes up so much energy and you just don't have the strength for it.

4) You know you are sick when you hear yourself thinking things like, "Death is the solution to my problems right now," and you're only half joking.

5) And finally: You know you are sick when you cancel your classes ... even though your students are supposed to take an exam that day.

Today is the first day since Sunday that I feel almost normal. 

Penny's "worried" face: Wednesday night was a feverish blur, but I would crack my eyes open and she was standing guard most of the time. (I apologize for the presence of Ron's foot in this picture.  Again: the fever.)

All of my pictures from my trip are still on my camera--I haven't even looked at them.  I'll have to sort through and get them all organized today.  Going through all of the old pictures was a cool retrospective before we headed overseas, and it also gave me a sense of which shots I really wanted to get this time and which shots I could live without.

No, we were NOT in Rome for conclave--I watched that at home from the couch.  (So glad we finally have a Pope named for my favorite saint!  That only took one thousand years.)  But, the excitement and hype of conclave was absolutely palpable the week prior, and the press swarming St. Peter's Square was out of control.  Completely amazing.

And before I sign off, an apology to any of my friends at Jess's baby shower who breathed the same air as me last Saturday ... I really hope you guys don't catch this, and thank God I didn't hold Lillian at all that day!

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