Friday, March 22, 2013

Jess's pre-baby photos

Back in January, Jess came to me and asked if I would take some pictures of her and Matt while in her final trimester.  It's really flattering when a friend trusts me with this kind of work, and even though I do this work for fun and not a paycheck, I still put a lot of pressure on myself to get things just right.  (I've learned the hard way: When you mix money with pleasure, the pleasure will always evaporate.  Always.  In my experience, you simply cannot have both at the same time.  Look before you leap.)  The one thing that made me feel a little confident is the photogenic nature of my subjects this particular day.  I was pretty sure I could show up drunk without my contacts or glasses and the results would still be cool because these two never look bad.  (Sadly, I drunkly pointed this out in their wedding video.  So it's documented somewhere other than here.)

Here are the results:

But wait, first, it must be said that we picked the freezingest freakin cold and windy day of the month to get these done.  Our first date got canceled by rain, and the next day was so windy.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Philly never gets cut a break.

As soon as we started working, I started panicking over two things: 1) No amount of photo editing can get rid of absurdly (shall we say) "tousled" hair due to 30mph wind and 2) Jess and Matt are really, REALLY tall and I am really, REALLY short and I was worried that every picture was going to be "looking up" at them rather than directly pointed at them.  Note to self: Start bringing my kitchen step stool to these shoots.

People who live in this area will recognize this as Valley Forge Park.

Thank God, Matt grabbed a big wooly blanket out of his car.

hmmm, Jess. Me thinks I tricked you into a 30th bday portrait, did I not?  They don't call me "Dr." for nuthin.
After 45 minutes, we gave up and went back to Jess and Matt's house.  By this point, I was panicking over a third complication: My dying battery.  I'm such an idiot--I didn't charge my battery that morning, and I didn't bring my spare battery with me like I typically do.  At this point, I was convinced that each shot would turn out to be my last.

Chawlee Chawlee! Also, take note of the decor here ...
This is the nursery--see how seamlessly it fits into the rest of the house?  Jess painted the stripes herself, and they are flawless.  She's a virgo, people. Eat your heart out.

And there's our winner.  Do you like it better in color or black and white? I can't choose.

Thank you to Jess and Matt for selecting me to do this.  You guys were really patient and made my job pretty easy.  And thanks for the SkinnyGirl!  (I don't accept monetary payments, but everyone knows that I never say "No" to sugar or booze. Or booze with sugar in it.)

Can't wait to meet your first daughter--she's almost here!

Just need to point out: See how the nursery fits in here too?  Isn't that great?


Amy G said...

These came out great! What color paint did she use on the walls in the picture with her dog? I must note it for the new house!

LJC said...

So adorbs. I like it in color - Jess's hair is too golden and pretty to put in black and white.

Jo Harper said...

I'll find out for you Amy!

Jess said...

HOW DID I MISS THIS POST???? I came home today and Matt said, "Hey, have you read her blog recently?" - I said yes, but somehow I managed to miss this one! And forgive me because when you emailed me and said people want to know what color your sunroom is, I didn't even put two and two together. I'm going to blame that one on pregnancy brain to try and save myself an ounce of embarrassment.

Anyways, I can't thank you enough for your kind words and your awesome pictures! You really have a wonderful talent.

The color in the sunroom is called Gray morning by Behr :) I loooove the color.

Jo Harper said...

No worries! I don't require that any of my friends actually read or view any of this! You're off the hook ; )