Monday, March 18, 2013

Jess's baby shower

I'm still slogging through the 286 pictures that I took while I was away (what was I thinking? do I really need 286 images of something to remember it?).  But I do have these ready to go, so I may as well post them.  I finished Jess's blanket back in January figuring I would need it for a February shower, but I lucked out and had the opportunity to feel what it's like to finish something waaaaay in advance of a deadline (which never happens).

One thing Jess and I share is a love for all things blue, green, turquoise, aqua, etc.  Although Jess knew in December that she was having a girl, she's been definite that the nursery would reflect the rest of her house and include the same beachy beiges, creams, and pale blues of the other rooms.  Lucky for me, Erin's mom gave me an enormous trash bag of white and aqua yarn that she had bought for another project and never used.  So I used her cast-offs and got to work on Jess's blankets. (Thanks, Susie!)

I got to see Jess's painted nursery back in February when we met up for her pregnancy portraits (I knew I was forgetting something ... I'll get to those this week, too).  Much to my relief, I could not have come closer in color to the shade of palest aqua on her nursery walls.  A perfect match! With free yarn that another person didn't want!  Pretty lucky.

I stuck with the same giant granny square pattern that I've been using. I wanted to do a frillier shell pattern for the edging, but Jess isn't "frilly" although she is really feminine. So I went with the reverse single crochet that I've used on most of the other blankets I've made.

Target had these adorable French themed baby items for Valentine's day.  I couldn't leave the store without them--they matched so perfectly.  I have no idea if the sippy cup is remotely functional or practical, but it's really cute so who cares?

To finish the French theme, I picked out this book--I forget how I heard about it. Probably on some blog somewhere.  I ordered it without having read it (risky--what if the story is stupid or awful?), but it didn't disappoint.  It's about a little girl named Kiki who travels to Paris with her favorite doll, Coco.  They see all the sights together, and then Kiki accidentally leaves Coco behind at a cafe'.  A big dog finds Coco deserted on a chair ... and well, you'll have to read the book if you want to find out whether the girl is ever reunited with her doll ; )  I love that it has photos rather than illustrations for a change.  I'm already planning to buy a copy for another friend having a girl in the summer.

How awesome are those bird-shaped tags?  They're in the dollar bins at Michaels.  The birds on the heart garland are leftover from Valentine's day.  Love those little guys.

Jess's shower took place literally hours after we arrived home from Italy.  I just gulped a whole lotta coffee before I went and didn't feel jet lagged at all.  (SO MUCH EASIER flying west than east--not even a comparison.  Jet lag is WEIRD. Don't get me started.)  Weirdly, Jess's shower was in the same room that my bridal shower had been in, exactly five years to the weekend of my bridal shower.  My bridal shower had been crazy windy, raw, and freezing cold.  Jess's day was well into the 60s and sunny.  At least one of us got nice weather.  Her party was the ultimate ode to spring--everything was so pretty.  (So strange to think Erin's shower was the ultimate ode to winter ... wasn't that last weekend?)

That "Girls Rule" sign cracks me up.  They had a bib decorating station on this table.

I don't know where Jess's family found it, but they had a huge Fuji Instax camera and lots of photo clips for guests to display their instant pictures.  I only took one exposure, but I easily could have gone around and used them all up if I had had no self-control.

I heard a bunch of people say, "Wait: How'd they get a picture of their baby for the cake?" ummm, that's Jess. Not her baby.

Doesn't everything look so pretty?

In usual form, I missed the surprise shot. I always miss the surprise shot. I need to stop trying. Apparently, Matt told Jess that they were going to a birthday lunch for one of his colleagues.  Jess says she really didn't know.  Hilariously, Matt ended up wearing a jacket and tie because his original outfit didn't pass the test with Jess who thought he looked too casual.  Matt literally dressed as a chauffeur to take Jess to her party.  I probably think this is so hilarious because I would do the same thing to Ron.

All the new momma's brought their babies (all girls).  All seemed to be pretty happy during the party.  Would you guess this momma was at a bachelorette party in AC the night before? Not me! ; )

Jess with her sisters-in-law.  Good looking family, right?
We all worked on a bib--this is Cristin's.
As usual, I was really impressed with people's ideas for a simple craft.

I think it was Jess's sister-in-law who gave her an outfit for every holiday on the calendar--all of them were clipped to a clothesline and Jess just lifted the whole length of outfits right out of the bag.  A lot of people loved the navy blue summertime "crab" outfit.

Jess's baby will be here in about five weeks.  Same for Molly (who has nearly the same due date). Lillian and Abigail are half a year old.  The baby showers go by as fast as the bridal showers.

Lauren, we missed you by two minutes!  I didn't think fast enough.

Congrats to Jess and Matt--I hope they have fun with all of their new stuff!


Laurie said...

Congrats, Jess!! About that Target cup. Leah has the same one (but it's owls) and it's her favorite cup. Some days, she refuses to drink out of anything else and keeps pointing at the cabinet until I get that one for her. God forbid it goes into the dishwasher for an hour. As far as straw cups go, it's also the easiest one to clean. The only cons are that it doesn't travel well and spills when they throw it against the wall. Jess, I hope your little angel never throws her sippy cup against the wall :)

Jess said...

Haha, I'm sure she will Laurie! I must say...the whole theme of the cup, plate, and book, was so cool! I can't wait for her to use them. And the blanket, oh the blanket! It's gorgeous! It really couldn't have been a better match for the nursery. It's already laying over the chair so perfectly. The shower was so beautiful, I couldn't have asked for anything better, and I'm so lucky to have such awesome friends!

P.S. - Love that picture of Steph and Cristin!

Jo Harper said...

Jess: Listen to Laurie because she knows what she's talking about! OMG, next time I will look for sippy cups that handle wall-throwing well ; ) You're very welcome for the blanket--it was fun to work with a non-traditional color!