Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Busy week. Name something with sugar in it: We made it.  Since I only work part time, I took full advantage of my situation and told my mom's family to come over for lunch on Valentine's day.  Of course, everything I wanted to make requires help from Ron.  Like the marshmallows in the last post: If you read that recipe, you'll see that it involves pouring molten liquid sugar into a stand mixer without spilling or burning or killing any living people or creatures.  Anyone who knows me also knows that I should never, ever be trusted with a task like that.

Less dangerous are Aunt Edna's cut-outs.  Granted, I literally do not have the physical strength to roll these out properly.  Again: Cue Ron.  If these aren't going to be tissue thin, then don't bother with them.  But DAMN, they're good when they're finished.

I recreated Laurie's red velvet cupcakes that she brought to a Valentine party two years ago.  I remember these things being as good as anything from Dozen (my most favoritest bakery ever ... five hours away in Pittsburgh).

(Oh, Pittsburgh! I've missed you all month!  It's my month to be with you, but that will probably never happen ever again.)

Anyway, mine didn't taste like Dozen at all.  They were just regular, old, red velvets with *yawn* cream cheese frosting.  I need to find out what Laurie did to her frosting. I remember it had some orange zest in it, and I remember it being slightly crunchier with sugar, but not grossly sweet.  Laurie: What did you do??

It also doesn't help that I was so frickin tired when I made these: I creamed (attempted to cream) butter and eggs rather than butter and sugar.  Anyone who knows how to bake anything is cringing at that last sentence.  I know, right? BUTTER AND EGGS???  And, it was 4pm when I did this.  The sun was up when I made this mistake--it wasn't late at night or anything.  I almost threw the whole bowl of batter off my back deck, but I resisted.

Meanwhile, the Fluffs were no help at all this week. Today, I put clean sheets on the bed and Pearl took full advantage:

Yes, the big lump is Pearl.  She slept under the sheet like that for five hours.
Turquoise and pink: my fave Vday color combo.

Cranberry and champagne cocktails

I ate so much sugar today.  And let me tell you: It felt so good.  I kept thinking, "I might regret this," but so far ... nuthin. No regrets.  If dessert is wrong, then I never want to be right.

So I guess it's obvious what I'm not giving up for Lent this year?  No way--life's too short.

Hope you had a fun day and remembered to wear pink ... or red!

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Linda C said...

It was such a delicious lunch topped off with pink and red yummy desserts. Definitely the hostess with the mostess!