Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Valentine Reveal

Like I was saying a few weeks ago, I really like Valentine's day just because it's a spot of pink in the middle of a grey month.  (Has this month and last month been grey or what? Well, it has been in southeastern PA ... probably not so for Marcie in California.)  Something else I really like is mail--not junk mail (although I have PILES of it if you'd like some) or bills (I have plenty of those too), but fun mail like birthday cards, Christmas cards, and random stuff from my grandmother and Dr. Joanie G.  (The last time Joanie G. mailed me something two weeks ago, it was the Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Butterflies. Why? you ask. Why not?? I counter.  Also, she ordered two by mistake so she gave one to me.  Isn't she great?)

Valentine's Day is yet another excuse for fun mail.  I could go further and argue that this is my lame attempt at some sort of public service: USPS is going belly-up faster than a frantic wasp in a huge swimming pool, so any excuse to buy stamps is helpful to this public entity (right? right).  Last year, I spent a weekend cutting out felt hearts and sewing them together to make these pins. I have to say, my felt heart pins keep showing up even a year later.  For example, Lauren keeps hers on the curtains above her kitchen sink window, Annie stuck hers on her bedroom dresser, and Steph wore hers on her purse.  It's pretty flattering when these things aren't immediately thrown into the trash.  (We could go existential here and ask, "Won't we all just end up in 'the trash'?" but I won't.)  This year, I stayed away from the felt (pretty and durable, but a hellish nightmare to cut) and stuck with paper.

First things first: I took pictures of a bunch of heart-shaped stuff this year.  I saw these green moonflower leaves on a Longwood trellis in April or May:

After Christmas, I saw these anthurium (anthuria?) at Longwood and they looked valentiney too:

I also picked out a third shot of a heart-shaped bundt cake (that got totally stuck in the pan despite liberal use of Crisco and flour--it got turned into cake pops), but it's not on my computer to post separately here.  Finally, I saw this heart at Longwood too, but it didn't make the valentine cut:

Since the first two images plus the bundt cake were Instagram shots, I had them printed out on little 2x3 cards via the Printstagram website (along with a ton of other shots that I love and I really wanted outside of my actual phone).  I glued the shots onto the blank side of Valentine card stock and embellished them with Martha Stewart's adhesive border strips for scrapbook pages (the same ones I used for Erin's tags in the last post).  Like I said before, no gluesticks required.  Like I said before: Thank you, Jesus.

Each one is a little different.

I love all of the bunnies and birds on the Martha stickers.  There were so many stickers in the Martha book that I had plenty to decorate the front and the backs of each card.

Finally (not pictured here), I stuck on a magnet to the backs so that they're functional somehow.  While the magnets are strong enough to stick to the fridge on the back of the valentine, they're not strong enough to hold up something else with it. (Be warned.) They're small, so they would look cute on a fridge or that ugly filing cabinet next to your desk at work.

The Printstagram prints are great--I was shocked at the quality of the image and the card stock on which they're printed.  (Isn't it sad that I used the word "shocked" there? I swear to God, the only thing I do most days is frantically avoid getting ripped off ... again ... for the millionth time.) The only problem and foil to my plans: You can't write on them.  If you scroll up, you can see a gap under the green leaves and pink anthurium blossoms where I had planned to write "14 feb 2013" with a Sharpie pen ... but the ink won't adhere to the glossy paper. It just beads up and smudges off.  A plain old ball point pen didn't work either. I thought I had totally ruined one of them when trying to write the date, but it was nothing that a Martha sticker couldn't cover up.

I finished them all last week while watching The Most Pivotal Episode of Downton Abbey EVER, and then I packaged them up in last year's leftover envelopes.  Of course, I purchased the latest "love" stamps (you're welcome, USPS) and dug out my heart stamp and pink ink pad. (Saying "pink ink pad" out loud sounds funny.)

So they're all ready to go.  I'm telling you, people, find yourself some pink because February will feel even worse if you don't.  Or, you can just whine and gripe about it. Your choice.

(I'll probably do both.)

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Joan Grassbaugh Forry said...

I got my Valentine today! Love that it is a magnet! Thank you!