Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twelve items

I've been reading Lobster and Swan since the middle of grad school. Recently, Jeska revisited one of her posts from 2010 and asked, "If I could only keep twelve items from my home to start over again, which twelve would I take? I'm talking personal possessions--not clothes, people, pets (they're a given).  Just the useful, decorative, treasured."

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and prepared to agonize the whole day.  I ended up writing my list in about two minutes.  (It must be known that I have back up list of fifty other things because--if push came to shove--I don't know if I could stick to just twelve.)

Here's what immediately came to mind:

The poster Ron gave me for Valentine's Day junior year of college.

The jade plant I'm determined to grow into a tree.

My camera and all of its accoutrement (because that all counts as one).

Aunt Debbie's chandelier

Simon Pearce tree

Pair of lamps from Aunt Edna via my grandmother

Turquoise wedding china

Vacation pictures

Sewing machine

It's a toss up between my copy of Roman Holiday and my Little Women soundtrack.  I didn't agonize over this the other day, but I'm agonizing over it now.

And two Christmas items:

The stocking my mom made for me

Aunt Debbie's ceramic tree
So I picked three trees (two fake and one real), three glass/crystal items, three family items (two of which used to belong to Aunt Debbie), and two photography items.  No surprises there.

Do you know which twelve you would pick?


Linda C said...

One correction - the ceramic tree was your Mother's. Aunt Debbie made this tree (while pregnant with Jennifer!) for your Mom, and she gave the tree to you because as a child you loved it. Also, because it's a family tradition to give every family member a ceramic tree when they get their own place so they always have a Christmas tree for the holidays. That's getting to be a problem since no one makes ceramic objects any more. Glad to hear it made the cut and you still enjoy it!

LJC said...

soundtracks aren't decorative so they shouldn't be part of it.

Linda C said...

Oh and ditch the sewing machine from the top 12 list - so easy to replace with a new and improved model. Just sayin...

Jo Harper said...

Jeska's specifications were "the useful, the decorative, and the treasured." So that's why I took the sewing machine (useful) and the soundtrack/movie (treasured). Plus, the music sets the tone for the day in the house. And it's the one CD I've been listening to nonstop since 7th grade.