Sunday, January 27, 2013

The pinkest holiday

I don't get why people HATE Valentine's Day.  I've always loved it for no other reason than because it brightens an otherwise grey (GREY!!) time of year.  I don't like making a huge deal of it--to me, it's just a day to unabashedly wear pink or red, send pretty cards to my friends, and eat chocolate and conversation hearts non-stop. (Let's face it: that's why people HATE Valentine's Day--they make such a HUGE deal of it for no reason as if it's going to be some kind of life-changing event. Then, they find themselves train wrecked when it turns out to be ... an ordinary day with some candy hearts and last year's pink sweater.)  Love it or hate it, I personally love seeing all the pink and red stuff that appears in stores this time of year.  It's really just an early harbinger of spring--nothing more.  Leslie, mom, and I went to Terrain to see what Valentine items they had (and to play a challenging round of "GHMTI???" aka "GUESS HOW MUCH THIS IS???")

First find: Leslie finally found a plant that shares her name.  She's always been bent out of shape that so many plants and flowers double as women's names but not her own. (Rose, Lily, Daisy, Heather, Iris, Violette, Fern, Laurel, etc.)  At long, long, long last there is a Leslie plant:

Second thing, a felt heart garland that is ten times prettier than my own (remember my heart garland?):

I love the lace and the way some of them are off-kilter.  Thanks for making feel like mine's crap, Terrain.  By the way, guess how much that garland is?  Guess.  Guess!



Twenty eight dollars.

YES, I am serious.

Leslie liked these postcards and tags:

So pretty, especially that card.

Ok, ready to GHMTI?  First, the card.  Ready?

Six dollars.  For ONE.  (Yes, it IS made out of paper.)

And those pretty tags with the felt hearts (on the right)? Guess.

Eighteen dollars for twelve.  That's $1.50 a piece.  They're also made mostly of paper.

What? You thought they were made of gold?  Silly. They're only paper.

(But, I love them all and if I hit the lottery, I would buy them all and not care.)

I would also buy myself 500 of these heart hangers with my lottery winnings and not care.
For the final round of GHMTI, Leslie noticed these boots and really liked them.  "They would be so great for commuting in the snow!!  How much are they? Do you see a sticker?"

Me: "Yeah: They're $500."
Leslie: "No, seriously. I like them."
Me: [stabbing at the little tiny price tag on the box] "THEY'RE FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. ok, $479. Like there's a difference."
Leslie: "That's hilarious. How stupid do they think we are?"

Pretty stupid, I guess.

Then again, I'm the one who's going to spend hundreds of dollars their on paper items if I hit the lottery tomorrow.

Green and red season is over, but pink and red season is here.

I love it.


LJC said...

(1) I didn't realize how ugly the Leslie plant is - I don't think I actually looked at it, just its name.

(2) Re: "I don't get why people HATE Valentine's Day. I've always loved it...." On behalf of all the single ladies, I gotta say it...Actually, I'll refrain... You already know what I'm going to say. Not a big deal; just sayin.

Jo Harper said...

* sigh *

Jo Harper said...

Also, LJC, I expected you to tell me that my heart garland is better than any $28 store bought crap.

No pressure or anything.