Friday, January 18, 2013

Orchid time lapse

My mom gave me this orchid for Valentine's Day last year.  It did really well for many months, and finally both stems dried up and died.  The leaves were still really glossy and green, so I just kept it watered and sitting in the window.  Some time in the fall, a new stem appeared and took several weeks to grow all the way up.  The blooms have finally arrived, and they open one by one.



Three (much slower)

Still waiting on four and five, and maybe even six ...


Laurie said...

Do you find yourself never wanting to use your other lens ever again? :)

Linda C said...

I'm so happy to know that your orchid has flowered again. Didn't I tell you they are a cinch to grow? There is only one problem after you are successful in getting your orchid to rebloom - you become addicted to orchids. Every time you see one tossed aside in a store, you immediately feel bad for it and want to take it home. Your photos capture the beauty of the flowers.

Jo Harper said...

1) Yes, the new lens is lots of fun.

2) Yes, I want to buy another orchid and somehow have resisted until now. I want a pink and yellow one.