Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's all about the tree

I'm way behind here because school has been a total time suck lately.  Last Saturday, we went with Steph, Jeff, Lillian, and Utley to pick out Christmas trees.  We go to this place that's maybe 25 minutes away.  Grown boys get to pretend they're like cavemen or something because you can cut down a live tree and drag it home (before decorating it with their wives' glittery ornaments).

I'm the household control freak, but the one thing that Ron gets to totally control is the Christmas tree.  It HAS to be so-tall-and-so-fat-but-not-too-fat-or-too-tall blah blah blah.  And the lights. Don't get me started on the lights. If I remember correctly, he put 1000 (literally) lights on our first tree.  If the center isn't properly lit, FORGET IT.  You may as well be dead.

Ron found his perfect tree and asks, "Whaddya think?"  I said, "I think that tree is BIG.  Like, as in, 'There won't be room for the couch' BIG."  He's all like, "Naaaahhh [just like dad]. It's fine.  It's not too big." I just shrugged and said, "It's your project: You're the one who has to figure it out when there's no room for the couch anymore."

Luckily, Steph and Jeff were there to give some levity to an otherwise do-or-die holiday project.  Utley hung around with Ron most of the morning, and I thought he (Utley) was in a good mood.  But, when I look back at the pictures, he clearly had a lot on his mind that day.

Jeff: "How's this one?"

Steph: "I was thinking taller?"

Utley: "It's all pointless.  Not just the tree. EVERYTHING."

"Look at this idiot woman with the camera. Who's gonna care about this picture a hundred years from now, lady? Who? WHO??"

"I thought figuring out the meaning of life was going to be easier than this."
omg, I love how Steph and Lillian have matching noses.  Mother/daughter facial features! I looove it!!!  (Can you tell Jeff is standing to my left in these pictures?)

YAY! Lillian's first Christmas tree!

For the record, Ron later said to me, "Yeah, I'm really glad you weren't here when I unwrapped the tree in the stand because it was too big and I panicked for a split second because I didn't know what I was going to do. But then I just grabbed these huge shears and cut off a bunch of branches and *WHEW* you couldn't even TELL that it was too big, could you?!"

Nope. I couldn't even tell that I was right the whole time and that you would have to figure it out.

It's a gorgeous tree--maybe when I'm done grading 25 papers and 15 take-home essays, I can take a picture of it.

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